Monday, April 14, 2008

Posh for Marc Jacobs

Okay, i think by now we've all seen the new 2008 spring/summer advertising spread for Marc Jacobs. The ads, in my opinion are less than stellar. Don't get me wrong, i love Marc Jacobs, but this time M.J. might have gone too far.

Let me paint the disturbing picture for you:

Advertisement 1 - Victoria Beckham with her legs masquerading out of a crinkled Marc Jacobs bag. You'll notice she is wearing a pair of particularly interesting high heels. If you've paid attention to any of the fashion magazines this season the heels should be easily recognizable. The Marc Jacobs PR camp has apparently been working overtime to plaster the patent leather monsters on every accessory report this side of the U.S.

Advertisement 2 - Victoria Beckham is yet again peeking out of a Marc Jacobs bag. This time Victoria is right side up with her famous sunglasses perched on her tiny face. She is adorning something that looks like a plant on the top of her head and I'm not sure if a makeup specialist was on site for the shoot, but the bronzer is probably a couple hundred shades to dark. From here it looks as though she might pass out at any second (probably from lack of food).

Advertisement 3 - Beckham sports a Marc Jacobs tube dress along with a rose colored bra. She displays her signature "angry face" while clutching the new "Mika" bag. The best part of this ad is the black fringe lying a top her head like a bad tupe.

So what does Victoria have to say for herself? According to WWD Posh is very satisfied with the ad campaign stating that she is "thrilled" to be working with Marc and that she "completely trusts his vision." Translation: Is he out of his bloody mind?! I look like a crazy person!

And the madness isn't over yet. Word on the street is that Beckham has posed naked for a charity campaign t-shirt designed by Jacobs. What won't she do for this guy? Stay tuned folks.