Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Ho!!!

Happy Holidays!

Here's to many more breath taking trends in 2009!

Remember to dress festive at your holiday parties - no ugly Christmas sweaters! I don't care what anyone says, a crotcheted Rudolph sweater is never chic.

And with that, I'm off to drink egg nog and be merry.



Monday, December 15, 2008

Pamella Roland Rocks NYC

Congrats to the Pamella Roland (a.k.a our very own Pam DeVos) camp for pulling in mega-stars last Thursday at a private screening of Brad Pitt's new movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

According to WWD and New York Magazine, a slew of A-listers attended the screening including Mary-Kate Olsen, Chance Crawford, Lauren Bush, Cynthia Rowley, Ciara and Pamela DeVos herself.

A few additional notes pertaining to Pamela Roland:
  • Visit Pamella Roland's Web site to take a gander at her exquisite 2009 collection (what girl doesn't like jewel tones and cocktail dresses?!)
  • Pam's personal profile includes a great photo of her and her husband cascading down a red carpet in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich. (GR represent!)
Until next time....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The down low on creating a trend

Do you ever saunter by the Gap, Banana Republic, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, J. Crew, etc. and wonder how each multi-million dollar organization managed to design an eerily similar leopard trench coat for the season? (God help us)

I've always pondered the way a style cycle happens. Who actually decides the color palette for each season? And who determines the "in" fabrics? Most importantly, who was responsible for proclaiming the skinny jean revolution? (I might kill him/her)

I'll tell you who; trend services! That's right, season trends are mostly decided by international consulting firms that spend countless hours sifting through piles and piles of market research! Not to mention traveling the world to document global trends and international "must-haves." After a hard day's work the consultants prance back to the U.S. and paint a pretty little trend picture for the product hungry minions back here in the mortal world (and yes, I'm referring to myself).

Don't believe me? Check out 39th and Broadway's great explanation.

Interesting, eh?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Doll Backlash

Apparently the Lindsay Lohan doll sold by Mattel isn't doing so hot in the sales department. KB Toys has marked down the doll to a bargain price of $4.99 (not to mention free shipping) according to Perez Hilton who recently broke the story on his blog (i love that man).

I can't say i blame the toy stores. What self-respecting, decent parent would buy the Lindsay Lohan Bi-Sexual doll?

Note to Mattel: Identify the person who designed the "La Lohan" doll concept and fire them, immediately. Bi-sexual + Rehab + Long wrap sheet = NOT CHILD APPROPRIATE.

Happy Thanksgiving bitches! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scratch my back and i'll scratch yours

This is one of those moments when i grumble to myself - "why didn't i think of this?"

Should i contribute to Scratch Back? Follow the link above for more information. I welcome your thoughts my darling readers!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Go Perez - It's Ya Birthday....

Perez Hilton's a star?

Yes that's right my fellow bloggers, our favorite online diva Perez Hilton is paving the way for starving writers everywhere! Levi's is now endorsing Perez and credit his rising celebrity status to striking "individuality" - I'm weird, can i get an endorsement deal? Seriously you don't even have to pay me, just place unmarked packages of Levi's boot cut jeans at my doorstep (size 4) Thanks!

Follow this link to get a first-hand look at Perez Hilton's new Levis Mini-Site:

On another note, The Bare Skinny blog is quickly becoming my new love. Check out their newest post "Fashion Cues From Audrey Hepburn." The writers shows you how to transform your look to be more Audrey Hepurn-esque (sign me up!).

Enjoy your weekend reading friends! :)

P.S. I'm on team Perez!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cool Fashion Links

Happy Election Day Everyone!!

Here's a few fashion Web sites I've been frequenting lately.

1 - Shop It To Me - Long story short, this web site is like having your own personal shopper. I know what you're thinking it really sounds to good to be true. Here's the deal, you sign up, list your favorite brands, the type of clothing/accessory pieces you usually like to purchase (i.e. handbags, shoes, dresses, slacks, etc.) list the corresponding sizes and wa-la! You magically start to receive emails from different retailers when your favorite clothing pieces go on sale! You can also use the same service for workout gear! Pretty cool!

Note: If you have a problem controlling your spending while shopping online this site probably isn't for you!

2- CityShopGirlDaily - Do you want the bad news first? This Web site only caters to those living in the Washington D.C. area. However, I've decided that every large and mid-size city in America needs something similar to this service, it's brilliant. Anyway, this Web site allows you to sign-up for a once daily email that provides you with all the sales going on at local boutiques. Another bonus is the fact that retailers are in cahoots with CityShopGirl, so you get crazy deals for just signing up for a free email!! Who knew? It seems that similar Web sites from the CityShopGirl camp are in the works for Atlanta, Boston, Philly, San Fran, Dallas, Me-ami and Seattle. Shop away ladies!

3- Myshape - My friend Kelly recently sent an "OMG you have to check this out" email about Myshape and i have to admit, I'm pretty impressed. In a nutshell this Web site helps women find clothes that fit well and flatter their body shape. After registering you take your measurements and send the stats over to MyShape. MyShape gurus take the measurements and identify designers/retailers that make clothes to fit your personal body shape. The site even creates a virtual store that only sells clothes that fit your body type shape! If anyone is using this service please let me know what you think!!

Enjoy my diva darlings!!

--Style Junkie

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hey everyone!

Interesting new fashion web site that only encourages fashion addicts like myself by providing members with real-time updates of who's buying what and where in the "hive." It's all kind of confusing at first so let me break it down for you:

1. Join

2. Research other hivers that have the same style as you do and shop their hive!(each member has links to their must-have clothing essentials!)

3.To be a fellow hiver you must also research fancy frocks that fit your style regimen and bookmark the clothing web site so your Stylehive friends can cash in on your finds.

4. Create a fashion diary and connect with other fashion obsessed members! We always love new fashion friends!

5. Add big-name retailers to your hive and be the first to review "just-in" looks.

6. Have fun! I just became of a member of Stylehive and I've really enjoyed perusing the site and gawking at the millions of rockin' handbags, shoes, jeans, blouses, and dresses.

P.S. When creating a user name on that site the word "bee" needs to be at the end of your screen name and i didn't know that so my user name is "lynsey03" - If anyone from Stylehive reads this post please contact me and let me know how to change my user name so I'm not viewed as the resident "stylehive dork." - Thanks!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is Fashion?

What is fashion? Is it spending thousands of dollars each season purchasing a new wardrobe just because you have the means to do so? Is it obnoxiously parading around in public displaying three or four different "popular, like OMG!" brands?(a.k.a brand whoring) What about buying fake impersonations of those "popular" brands just so you can pretend that you actually have the funds to purchase that product?

As you may have noticed by my dripping sarcasm, none of the statements above capture the words "fashion" or "style." I've been thinking about this question a lot lately. What is fashion? How do we define fashion and most importantly, how do we define style?

The dictionary reads:

Fashion - a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.

Style - an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living.

Do i agree with the dictionary? Not really, you see fashion may be defined by the couture gods every season, but style is defined differently by each individual. I'm reminded of the quote from Coco Chanel, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

That said, personal style is important to your very existence. Don't go through the motions people! If you fancy scarves, then find a way to work the beautiful prints into your outfits two, maybe three times a week. Perhaps you are addicted to bold, gold accessories - then go for it sister! Who cares if Vogue says "gold is out out out! for the season. Take that one trend that defines your style and stick with it. Too many times i see women who become slaves to the season trends, spending gobs and gobs of money on pieces of clothing that do not define their personality in any way.

I am inspired by the people in my life who dance to their own "fashion" tune. For example, every day i come into contact with a woman who fully embraces her own personal style. She doesn't have a large wardrobe nor the funds to gallivant around the local boutiques every week, but she does invest in pieces that speak to her. Would i purchase the bold patterned blouses or tunics that she does? Probably not, BUT -- do i secretly steal a glance in her direction every time i catch her in the elevator see what she is wearing? You bet your Jimmy Choos i do! She is constantly mixing up the her small wardrobe by belting, scarfing (is that a word?) slipping on a unique necklace or jeweled cuff and throwing in some patented leather flats now and then for good measure. Brilliant.

Now is the time to define your personal style! Think back through the years to pieces of clothing, accessories etc. that complimented your eyes, cheek bones, boobs or butt. Next, pull those old relics out of storage, dust off the moth balls and incorporate your treasures into your next few outfits. And remember, fashion isn't for everyone else, it's for you!

Here's to looking fabulous!


P.S. Your bank account will thank you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

French Individuality

French fashion master Pierre Cardin presented his unique (ehm, very unique) spring/summer 2009 and autumn/winter 2009-2010 collections at his South of France home early last week and received rave reviews.

That said, I'm having some trouble understanding Cardin's direction. Before diving in to one of my very opinionated rants, i would just like to say that Pierre Cardin is an absolute genius. Sure, i may poke fun at some of his designs in a few moments but he is a true testament to the world of fashion and has been labeled "a breath of fresh air" in the European fashion market for over five decades - he's the bomb.

Now that i got that out of the way, what the hell is going on in the photos up above? (note: the photos above are examples of his work, due to copyrighting issues i can't post anything recent)

I don't care who you are or where you live, these clothes are just not practical. Don't get me wrong, the clothes are definitely a work of art, but the point of presenting a collection is to interest editors and to intrigue your fashion buyer audience so when market week roles around they buy up your fancy frocks like no tomorrow.

Is Pierre soley supporting his space-age design habit? Who is purchasing these looks?

I'm at a loss, Any ideas from any of my adoring fans out there?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amy Winehouse Vomits on Designer Dresses...

Looks like our friend Amy Winehouse is being fined a hefty amount for vomiting all over the designer dresses she recently borrowed from posh department store Harvey Nichols.

Read the article below and prepare to be mortified.

Courtesy of Catwalk Queen -

"Apologies if you are eating right now, I really did um and ah over whether or not to post this story I read about Amy Winehouse today... honest I did!

Like I said, if you're currently enjoying your breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea, while thinking how wonderful the world is, then you may want to skip this item. The troubled crooner has done the unthinkable, then again, it is Wino - what hasn't she done? After borrowing £25,000 worth of designer dresses from Harvey Nichols ahead of London Fashion Week, the silly muppet then returned said frocks with vomit stains chucked in as a bonus. (Chucked - geddit?)"

As if Amy Winehouse hasn't embarrassed herself enough...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Fashion Favorites

As i was putting together this season's fall fashion overview i had a distinct sense of deja vu. It seems as though our favorite designers have decided the present trends are fabulous enough to keep in the line up for yet another season. This pleases me because i am a huge fan of wide-leg trousers, scarves, pencil skirts, bangles, etc. - the list just goes on and on. Speaking of lists, I've decided to take some cues from the bible, (yes I'm speaking of Harper's Bazaar) and give you this season's must-haves in a different format.

KEEP IT: We like this category! Why? Because you don't have to pinch pennys from every pay check to buy these pieces - you should already have these in your wardrobe! Keep wearing the delicious duds from last season! You earned it.

-High-waisted pencil skirts (Pair with a solid color button down and statement pumps for a hot look!)

-Wide-leg trousers (always sexy! Remember to wear something form fitting up top).

-Pashmina scarves of every color! (white shirt, wide-leg trousers, colored pashmina - you're ready to take on the town).

-Florals (skirts, dresses, blouses, flats, heels, etc.)

-Day clutches (keep that big honking clutch at your side!)

-Bangles (layer your wrists and neck! WARNING - do not do this all at once, please!)

-Skinny/wide belts (skinny belt your blouses for a simple change-up)

-Classic trench (I know, i know I'm a broken record).

-Tights! (tights are still a staple this season. Wear a pair of plum tights with a solid black sweater dress!)

-Boots, boots and more boots (ankle, thigh, mid-calf, stretchy, over-sized - just buy a pair and wear them, okay?)

TRY IT: The good news? You don't have to buy too many new pieces for fall; The bad news? You do need to take a few risks. You can do it, just breathe and button!

-ANYTHING purple (pumps, blouses, tights, hand bags, bangles - it's the hot color this fall).

-Boyfriend jeans (not gonna lie, i hate these jeans because i am a woman with curves. If you're built like Katie Holmes, go crazy).

-Lace (That's right we're taking a journey back to the 80's for this one - break out your material girl goods!)

-Patterned flats (So cute! Wear with black straight-leg pants and a long black sweater).

-Sky-high heels (Christian Louboutin and his gang have declared 5-inch heels the norm this season. If you choose to participate, please have a first-aid kit on hand!)

STORE IT: For the love of god, please pack everything listed below in a box. Thanks, management.

-Gauchos (these haven't been in style for a while, i hate gauchos with a passion!)

-Cleavage (not work appropriate my friends...)

-Wedges (pack these away till next summer!)

-Slinky esque bracelets (They're just loud and obnoxious)

-Motorcycle jacket (just my opinion, but i think these jackets are SO trailer park!)

-Bright patterned tunics (it's over! Maybe you should just burn these?)

-80's cut-off leggings (Get these out of your wardrobe! Switch to tights!)

Satisfied? Feel free to comment with questions or something i missed!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Fashion Overview - Coming Soon

Hello Fashion Divas -

I hope you were following my Twitter posts during this week's fashion extravaganza in NYC.

Now that fashion week has come to a close it's time to talk about fall fashion.

I've been feverishly sorting through the designer looks that strutted down the runway last February and will provide you with a full-proof fashion checklist of what you need to be wearing this fall to turn the most important heads.

I'll deliver the good by Sunday! Until next time my darlings.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peirce Mattie's "Haute List"

Just when i thought i was pretty tuned into the fashion scene - our friends at Peirce Mattie Public Relations released their 2008-2008 "Haute list." The list features the top three fashion/lifestyle related brands in 16 different categories.

This list is intense folks.

In the words of Peirce Mattie PR and PR Couture: "Check to see if you are on the pulse with the following fashion related brands and mags and if not, start copy pasting into Google immediately!"

Due to the fact that I'm familiar with only ten of the uber cool fashion listings, i better get cracking. I think i smell a night of "fashion cramming" coming on.

See for yourself:

Indie Fashion & Beauty Magazines:
1. Visionaire
2. Metro.Pop

Foreign Beauty & Fashion Magazines:

1. Company (UK)
2. Jessica (Hong Kong)
3. Trendi (Finland)

TV Shows:

1. 90210
2. Kath & Kim
3. Gossip Girl

Women’s Apparel:

1. Topshop
2. Valentino under Alessandra Fachinetti
3. Rodarte

Men’s Apparel:
1. Pastelle
2. RMC Martin Ksohoh

Jewelry Brands:
1. John Hardy
2. Alexis Bittar
3. Trollbeads

Handbag Lines:

1. Rebecca Minkoff
2. Foley+Corinna
3. Timi & Leslie

Cosmetic Lines:

1. e.l.f.
2. Colorescience
3. Classified Cosmetics

Skin Care:
1. Korner
2. Lavera
3. Kaeline Argatherapie

Hair Care:

1. Re:nu by Joico
2. bain de terre
3. Intelligent Nutrients

Dermal Fillers:

1. Restylane
2. Evolence
3. Elevess

Nail Brands:
1. Butter LONDON
2. Dr. Remedy Nails
3. Borghese Nail Care


1. Mixed Martial Arts
2. Triathlon Training
3. Boxing

1. Bourbon
2. Martinis (Lychese, Pomegranate, Apple, etc.)
3. Mojito

Vacation Destinations:

1. Panama
2. Costa Rica
3. “Staycations” (finding hot spots close to home)

Social Media Sites on the Rise:
1. LinkedIn
2. Ning
3. Ustream

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Decisions Have Been Made...

Remember my dream job? Social media, fashion, Gossip Girl celebs? Right, well the PR firm i'm describing, Porter Novelli pop-up firm Jack+Bill have finally annouced the lucky clients that will be receiving FREE PR services!!

Read the information posted below - compliments of


Jack + Bill, Porter Novelli’s pop up fashion PR agency, has finally announced the results from its casting call! Last month, the agency staged a two-day open audition for New York’s next big fashion stars, promising the winners free representation leading up to Fashion Week.

For Jewelry Design, J+B picked DANNIJO, a line created by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder (top left). AIRA has been chosen as Women’s Apparel Designer (top right), Kalyn Johnson has been named Fashion Stylist (bottom right), and Christopher Fawcett is J+B’s hot pick for Model (center).

Attendees at the casting call competed in one of the four categories mentioned above. And in a surprising development, J+B created a fifth “Wild Card” category, and announced Badgley/Sneed Designs as an additional client. Badgley/Sneed Designs is a new jewelry line created by Gossip Girls’ star Penn Badgley’s mother, Lynne, and godmother, Jan Sneed. As has been widely reported in the press (Jack + Bill landed People and a sound byte on E! News to name a few), co-stars Penn and Blake Lively accompanied the Badgley/Sneed duo to the casting call. After presenting the jewelry line to J+B, the four special guests posed for pictures and spoke to media.

Alyson Campbell, partner at J+B, explained the agency’s decision to bring in a “Wild Card” winner: “There were so many talented individuals. We thought, let’s give exposure to more people.” But isn’t J+B concerned about possible criticism of its celebrity client, given its mission to represent emerging designers?

Alyson added that August will be a busy month as J+B as staff sit down with their new clients and plan their PR campaigns. The agency’s services to the winners end on September 5th. J+B plans to throw a rap party at the end of Fashion Week to celebrate its clients’ achievements. For more information on its new clients, including videos from the casting, visit J + B’s blog

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All The Rage

Interesting fashion tid bit...

My friend Val recently sent me a journalist query from the New York Times requesting a PR person to find an adult who wears fashion and designer bandages as accessories (meaning even if they don't have a cut). The request got me thinking - is this for real? Are there really people out there who are taking bandages and putting them on their face, arms and legs because they think it's "cool?" I had to get to the bottom of this.

As it turns out, fashion bandages are all the rage in Japan. And it's not just colored band-aids that are making a statement. Some girls have been photographed sashaying down the street with random eye bandages (think Captain Hook) strapped around their heads.

As you'll notice in the photo above, Japanese women are actually going as far as wearing different color leg casts to make a statement.

I'm praying to god that this doesn't catch on in the U.S., I can't imagine that leg casts are slimming, and i look horrible in white gauze. :)

I'd welcome your thoughts on this trend....

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Dream Job

Seriously, I think I've found my calling.

Porter Novelli (huge global PR Firm) and their new fashion/lifestyle pop up agency - Jack+Bill have decided to turn the PR world upside down in a new PR experiment that involves a team of young executives, social media and a few LUCKY NYC dwellers.

Launched in early July, Jack+Bill is dedicated to identifying, branding and publicizing emerging fashion talent. The twenty-something team celebrated their grand opening by confidently announcing that they didn't actually have any clients on board and that they weren't going to be charging any clients brought on board for the first three months of service. What the $%&*?! this is insane right? No! It's brilliant. Here is the scoop:

Instead of using traditional business development techniques, Jack+Bill decided to provide free branding, buzz building, media relations and viral marketing services to one young model, stylist, women's apparel designer and jewelry designer from mid-July to early September. To really spice things up a bit the team decided to find these lucky peeps by holding a two-day casting call in NYC.

Check out to link to the agency's Facebook page, YouTube casting call videos (packed with celebs who have been supporting this experiment) and take a peek at the Jack+Bill blog.

So my next question is how do i possibly get in on the action? Social media, fashion and a group of motivated millenials - sound like my kind of a place.

Jack+Bill, I'm here to serve.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Girls Like Fashion Too!

As you all know, I'm a big fan of celebrating the curvy woman. I make it a point to not issue style advice for the girls that bask in the size 0 category because it's just not realistic. No one is a size 0 that really matters in this world. I'm sure some stick thin model with half a brain could make a strong contrasting argument (or not) about the statement above but i'm not scurred. My curvy blogging girlfriends have my back.

Ladies, I give you (trumpets in the background)"Manolo for the Big Girl!" a blog dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and humor for the plus-size woman. It really is a brilliant idea. I mean, just because one has meat on their bones doesn't mean they don't like Saks, Neimans, Oscar or Gucci. Sure, they probably can't fit in to anything more than a knit top with 100% stretch fabric but gosh darn it every woman craves style and glamour! And if you don't your obviously mixed up.(Disclaimer: I probably can't fit in to anything but Gucci spandex either!)

Four lovely ladies hold down the online fort over at Manolo. First allow me to introduce Manolo the Shoe Blogger, she is the publisher. Co-editors Francesca and Plumcake along with weekend columnist Twistie keep readers on their toes with blog categories like "Fat and Famous," "The Fats in the Fire," "Stuart Wietzman Makes Em' Wider" and "This week in Fat Blogging." It really is riveting.

My personal favorite entry is "There's no shame in wearing patriarchal underwear," by Francesca. Don't let the funny name fool you, these ladies cover real issues in today's society that center around the over-weight population. This particular entry covers the do's and dont's for fat women attending a job interview. The question is - do you buy Spanx or let it all hang out? Or do you wear a fat person outfit and hope for the best? What if your future boss is a skinny bitch or a sexist, size 0 loving male pig? How do you take a stand and make yourself credible in the professional world?! See, i told you it was riveting!

For your own hearty helping visit!

Allow Me To Explain

I know what your thinking - what a bitch!

She left us hanging for more than a month? No calls, no emails and most importantly no blogs to satisfy our fashion and lifestyle needs.

Don't worry, I'm back. I admit, it was a bit shaky for a while. Work got crazy, my emotions were all over the place and then i hit a dry spot with my blogging and dang it i got frustrated. But - we're all good now! I am ready to fulfill all your needs in terms of fashion, lifestyle, and the occasional petty celebrity gossip.

Stay tuned for two glorious blogs! And thanks to all my fans (and by fans i mean the five people who actually read this blog) who encouraged me to keep blogging. You're the best!

--Style Junkie

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goodbye Yves Saint Laurent

I was working away in my office on June 1st when much to my surprise i received three email messages within five minutes. As i quickly switched screens to see what all the commotion was about, I was immediately saddened. The three headlines in my inbox, all from different fashion Web sites, read "Breaking News: Yves Saint Laurent Dies at 71. And with that, another fashion legend passes and more people forget about the true beauty and intricacy of fashion design.

Though most of us have never experienced the chic comfort of a YSL frock, or the smooth thick leather patched perfectly on a classic YSL tote, many of us have worn his designs without knowing. For example, the tuxedo blazer you wore out to drinks last Friday, YSL designed in 1966. Bolero Jackets, see-through blouses and thigh-high boots were all made famous by being featured in Laurent's critically acclaimed collections. Still not convinced? The man invented the pant suit for crying out loud!

Laurent captured his life through his designs. Know for his bright colors and black contrasts, he frequently used ethnic themes and patterns within his garment collections. He designed for the modern day woman who was/is "all business."

So, here's to you Yves Saint Laurent. Your brilliant masterpieces will be forever remembered by generations to come.

Note: Yves Saint Laurent's funeral was held today at the botanical garden in Marrakesh, Morocco where the reclusive fashion designer found inspiration and refuge from fame.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bathing Suit Season For Mortals

Yes, It's that time again. Time to embark on a crazy diet that consists of you cutting carbs, eliminating sweets and swearing-off any saturated fats from May through August. Why do we put our self through such hell? Why do we begin this crazy diet on May 1st and then end up binging on potato chips, ice cream and raw butter on May 3rd? Two words three syllables my friend, "bathing suits."

Sooner or later it will be time to slip on your favorite (or detested) two-piece in front of 500 of your closest buddies at your local beach. I know what you're thinking, "Yikes!" "I'm not ready!" That is why I've decided to equip you with a full-proof bathing suit handbook for this summer. I'm not going to focus on all body types, because let's face it the size 0 girl stuffed full of silicon laying two towels away could wear a deflated inner tube and still look hot. Instead, I'm going to give you, the real woman, some tips that will make you feel satisfied with your body on the beach, even if you don't have rock hard abs, long legs or a gigantic chest.

Problem # 1 - I look great laying down with my arms stretched above my head, but i need to get up from my towel at some point.

Yes, unfortunately you may have to use the bathroom a time or two during your beach visit. My advice would be to invest in a super cute, light-weight cover up. Make sure the cover up (i.e. cute little dress)is one size bigger than you would usually buy. This way, the fabric doesn't cut into you and create an unflattering bulge. However, for those few seconds it takes to get up and actually put on the cover up, you're on your own. I usually just suck in and pray for it to be over.

Problem # 2 - My butt resembles Kim Kardashian's minus the media hype.

Ya know, butts are the devil. They may look great in a pair of stretch jeans, but throw those puppies in a bathing suit and it's all over. Have no fear, i have a few tricks up my sleeve. Rule number one, do not buy bathing suit bottoms that are too small. You'll end up looking like fifty pounds of crap shoved into a ten pound bag. And NO tie strings, it just doesn't look right. I suggest buying full coverage bathing suit bottoms. They almost completely cover the bottom and are still low cut in the front. Another god send is Jergens Natural Glow Firming lotion. Apply this for a couple weeks and it will give you a nice natural tan on your bum. Good for hiding all those unflattering lumps and bumps.

Problem # 3 - My legs keep moving 30 seconds after i stop walking.

Oh jiggly legs, why do you torment us? So we haven't taken a long walk or ran a mile in a couple of years, but who's counting? We need you to be firm or at least resemble firmness!! Well, since we can't count on our legs to step it up, I usually rely on my footwear. Flip-flops with some height always help to elongate and slim the legs. I also will wear sling-back wedges to the beach, they make your legs look fabulous!

Problem # 4 - After a day at the beach, i look like I've been camping in the Sahara for the last week.

I know what you mean! Greasy face, sand up your nose, exfoliating your cheeks, stuck in your teeth, it's gross. If you're jetting to a party straight from the beach you need to pack the following essentials:

- Oil blotting papers (buy the Meijer brand, they work better and they are cheap!)
- Deodorant (for obvious reasons)
-Wash cloth (wet the cloth in the bathroom and give yourself a semi-bath to get the sand off you)
- Aloe & lotion (these should be scent-free and light, you won't want a heavy cream)
- Your favorite body spray (i suggest something fruity)
- Extra sun dress (something you can shove in your beach bag)
- Fresh pair of undies/bra (you don't want to be wet at your fabulous party!)
- Hair band and bobby pins (throw your hair into a messy bun or pin it up into a cute party-do!)

Problem # 5 - I really don't like my body and i just want to cover up darn it! Are one-piece bathing suits really that bad?!

NO! Your in luck, a sleek black one-piece will never go out of style. Remember the post-suri pictures of Katie Holmes in a black belted one-piece on the beaches in France? She looked hot. Thrown on some heels and a pair of big sunglasses, you'll be eternally chic.

Any other problems need fixing? Post a comment and I'll do my best!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

You Try To Do Something Nice....

I admit, it was a little before quiting' time on Friday and i shamelessly found myself perusing the Top Five Fashion PR Links on - I'm only human people.

Anyway, I stumbled across a very interesting story about one of our favorite French designers who is apparently suing everyone and their mother for something completely ridiculous. I don't want to call anyone out, but his name starts with "Louis" and ends with "Vuitton."

Read below and prepare to be annoyed:
(compliments of Fashion, Evolved.)

Last year a graphic artist named Nadia Plesner decided she wanted to create something that would increase awareness about the crisis in Darfur. She was not only dismayed by the genocide of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of men, women and children, but at the complete lack of interest shown by the west, which seems unable to tear itself away from the Britney Chronicles long enough to see what's really going on in the world.

So, she created a T-shirt that depicted a suffering, starving, naked child carrying a mock-designer handbag and a small snooty dog. 100% of the proceeds would go to the charity Divest for Darfur. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Well apparently, the folks a Louis Vuitton are not happy that she chose to make her handbag resemble one of their pieces. The bag in the picture looks like Vuitton's MultiColor design (a favorite pattern among teenage girls), and although it does not contain the LV logo anywhere on the picture, Plesner has been ordered to stop selling the t-shirts and is being sued by the luxury designer which is demanding 5000 Euros PER DAY (That's almost $10,000 USD) as damages for the sale of the t-shirt.

Whether or not you agree that Plesner is guilty of copyright infringement (a decision that is not as simple as you might think), the whole debate should serve as a reminder of two things:

1. Plesner is absolutely right about western consumers being totally selfish. One of those handbags could easily feed a family in Darfur for months. We are obsessed with crap and with the vapid and useless people that prance around this country flaunting it with a "Let them eat cake" mentality. The French had the good sense to behead Marie Antoinette for that bullshit. The least we can do is pay attention to the suffering of these people. Don't get me wrong--I like fashion. I have a damn blog about it. But we need to get our priorities straight. You don't have to give up style to give a damn about your fellow humans that would rather have a clean glass of water than all the LV bags they can carry. Think about it.

and, 2. Large corporations are not kind and caring souls. They are about making money. LV is no exception. We can't sit back and expect nameless and faceless entities that were created SOLELY to make a profit to care about the world. It's up to us, the individual consumers. That's why you and I and everyone else needs to THINK about what we're buying and which companies we're supporting.

The new world of fashion is not about being a victim and letting other people tell you what you should wear and buy. YOU make the choice, and your choice should be based not only on the design and quality of the product, but on the willingness of the designer and manufacturer to contribute to a better world.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Posh for Marc Jacobs

Okay, i think by now we've all seen the new 2008 spring/summer advertising spread for Marc Jacobs. The ads, in my opinion are less than stellar. Don't get me wrong, i love Marc Jacobs, but this time M.J. might have gone too far.

Let me paint the disturbing picture for you:

Advertisement 1 - Victoria Beckham with her legs masquerading out of a crinkled Marc Jacobs bag. You'll notice she is wearing a pair of particularly interesting high heels. If you've paid attention to any of the fashion magazines this season the heels should be easily recognizable. The Marc Jacobs PR camp has apparently been working overtime to plaster the patent leather monsters on every accessory report this side of the U.S.

Advertisement 2 - Victoria Beckham is yet again peeking out of a Marc Jacobs bag. This time Victoria is right side up with her famous sunglasses perched on her tiny face. She is adorning something that looks like a plant on the top of her head and I'm not sure if a makeup specialist was on site for the shoot, but the bronzer is probably a couple hundred shades to dark. From here it looks as though she might pass out at any second (probably from lack of food).

Advertisement 3 - Beckham sports a Marc Jacobs tube dress along with a rose colored bra. She displays her signature "angry face" while clutching the new "Mika" bag. The best part of this ad is the black fringe lying a top her head like a bad tupe.

So what does Victoria have to say for herself? According to WWD Posh is very satisfied with the ad campaign stating that she is "thrilled" to be working with Marc and that she "completely trusts his vision." Translation: Is he out of his bloody mind?! I look like a crazy person!

And the madness isn't over yet. Word on the street is that Beckham has posed naked for a charity campaign t-shirt designed by Jacobs. What won't she do for this guy? Stay tuned folks.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adventures in San Diego

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I'm going going back back to Cali Cali - no really, I am.

The fierce rumors (and paparazzi photos) are true, i am in San Diego,
California enjoying a week long vacation with my family. Aside from the
beach house and delicious Mexican food, I've discovered that San Diego
has their fair share of absolutely amazing vintage/ready-to-wear

For example, today i was minding my own business looking for an ice cream
shop so i could completely destroy my latest diet and instead of
finding chocolate chip cookie dough, i found The Bikini Shoppe boutique
(totally opposite end of the spectrum, but that's another story). The
shop was no bigger than my college dorm room, but was stocked full of
unique bathing suit choices! I was in heaven, until i had to actually
try the bathing suit on.

After about 15 suits and a painfully honest sales person (who was the stereotypical "cali" girl!) i found a great VIX bathing suit. I know what you're thinking, what is "VIX?" Well I'll tell you! Probably the sweetest line of bathing suits I've ever come across. Granted, the bathing suit was significantly out of my price range - $150 but i compromised. Crazy Cali sales girl hooked me up. I bought the to-die-for VIX
bathing suit top and bought a pair of cheap $20 white bottoms. The
whole bathing suit ended up being only abou $100 - Worth it? I THINK SO.

Until next time...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

PR Couture Contributor - That's Me!

So I was perusing my favorite PR Web site the other day and i came across a link that read "PR Consultant Lynsey Roumell's top five Oscar picks." Long story short - I almost died. Me? a PR Couture contributor? On an international PR Web site?

I could definitely get used to this. Not to mention that the link transfers directly to! Great promotion for the Grand Rapids Press and my favorite fashion reporter - Tricia Woolfenden.

Click Here to visit "The New Black" blog where my Top 5 and Worst 5 Oscar picks were originally posted back in late February.

And if that doesn't work - copy and paste this into your browser!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Fashion Part Two: Shoes & Accessories

Spring Fashion Report - Shoe & Accessory must-haves:

-That's right, flats are holding steady this season as the go-to comfort shoe for spring. To set yourself apart from the rest purchase a pair of flats that are shockingly pink or bright yellow.

Helpful Hint:
- To spice up your flats you need to add a little bit of "bling." Visit your local craft store and buy faux broaches and jewels. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the jewels to your flats!
Note: Only use one or two jeweled accents per shoe - do not go overboard!

Platform Slingback Sandals
- These are a definite must-have for spring. Platforms are making a huge statement, it seems like every sandal this season has been reconstructed to boast a platform heel. The reason i reccommend a slingback is because this shoe style is classic and very spring/summer chic.

Helpful Hint:
-Buy a pair of platform slingbacks in a neutral color. I just purchased an amazing pair of chestnut leather slingbacks! I can wear them with anything. More bang for your buck!

Riding Boots
-Wear high-heeled riding boots this spring! Don't be afraid to pair the boots with a shirt dress, cocktail shorts or even a fun spring mini-skirt.

Helpful Hint:
-Due to the fact that riding boots are technically a winter trend, you can find a great pair of boots for an amazing price. I just bought a pair that were marked down from $150 to $30!

Platform Stilettos

-Buy these in every color if you've got the money. If you're not packin' an extra $300 dollars for stilettos this season, be sure to buy a black or cream patent leather pair.

Helpful Hint:
-Again, these shoes will work well with any spring fashion style. Wear them with shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, trouser pants, shirt dresses, etc. Be fearless and tromp down the sidewalk like a celeb - you've earned it.


-These are great addition to any outfit. Pashminas are cheap so buy one of these in every color. Simply drape the fabric around your neck or wrap the pashmina once around. Wear pashminas with big over-sized sunglasses - you'll look like Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Helpful Hint:
- Stop in at your local fabric store and purchase as many pashminas as you need this season. You'll pay half the price and probably find some great patterned fabric that the retail stores won't be carrying! Be sure to make friends with one of the store clerks so you can figure out which fabric will hold up the best.

Day Clutch
-Who said you can only wear a clutch at night? Buy a day clutch in a crazy color or pattern!

Helpful Hint:
-Don't spend a ton of money on a day clutch this season. This could be a trend that fades quickly. Hit up Forever 21, Target or Charlotte Russe. You can still purchase a fab clutch for half the price.

Obnoxiously Huge Bags
-Yup, they're still in style! Which means that you need to trade in your old over-sized bag for a new one. Throw that boring faded bag in the corner and try something different. Python bags are very "in" this season along with other animal prints. A plum purple patent leather bag is also high on the list.

-You be the judge this season. Vintage, new, expensive, cheap, anything goes.

Helpful Hint:
-Thick bangle bracelets - I suggest wood and gold.
-Simple earrings. If you're rocking too much jewelry you might resemble Mr. T and that my friends, is not chic.
- If you're sporting a low neckline, add a thick beaded necklace to the outfit.

That's it for spring...if i've missed anything let me know!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Style Junkie Spring Fashion Report

Spring Must-Haves - Clothing Necessities

Trench coats
-If it's the only thing you do, buy a trench coat this spring. This is a piece of outwear that is timeless, we're talking eternally chic. I'm confident that my Grandma owns a trench, my mom wore one in the 80's and now I slip one on every spring.

Helpful Hints:
- Buy a trench in black and don't pay over $100 for it. Black always looks expensive. Who doesn't love looking chic for less?!

- Do not pay attention to the fashion magazines that are claiming you should wear your trench as a dress this season. Who wants to wear a belted coat around the office all day? Your co-workers will think you're a crazy streaker.

- Wearing a floral pattern can be great or it can be disastrous. For us Midwestern girls i would suggest wearing a full floral skirt with a solid color tank or knit top. Top off the outfit with a pair of wooden platform sandals and you'll be smokin.'

Helpful Hint:
-Please stay away from floral Capris. I once had to steer my mom away from a pair of cherry patterned spring Capris and i don't think I've ever been the same. Stick with the skirts and you'll thank me - promise.

Shirt Dresses
-So comfy and perfect for those scorcher summer days. Buy these dresses in lightweight fabric and accessorize with chunky earrings and bracelets. Depending on the neckline, wrapping a ton of glitz around your neck might be a bit too much.

Helpful Hint:
- You don't have to purchase a billion shirt dresses this season. Buy a couple of colors in the style you like and purchase two or three different belts that sit right on your waist. Mixing and matching the dresses and belts will make everyone think you've bought six or seven different outfits.

Trouser Pants
-These pants look good on any shape and size. I just bought a great pair of Level 99 trouser pants at Gina's in Grand Rapids and i would wear them everyday if i could. My favorite trouser fabric right now is denim but I've came across some great houndstooth and silk twill pants lately.

Helpful Hint:
-Do not wear a loose fitting top with trouser pants, you'll look ten pounds heavier. I suggest a button down oxford (tucked in) and mile-high stilettos. Less is more with trouser pants because of the dramatic width.

Cocktail Shorts:
-These shorts are great because you can dress them up or down. Wear during the day with a t-shirt, sunglasses and a pair of flip-flops. Dress up these shorts at night with a pair of stilettos and a sexy one-shoulder top.

Helpful Hint:
-If you do buy a pair of cocktail shorts be sure to buy the correct length for your body type. The last thing i want to see when I'm walking down Monroe Center is a pair of butt cheeks hanging out of cocktail shorts. Classy is key ladies, remember that.

Safari Wear:

-I know what you're thinking, and no we will not look like crazy fools hunting wild game. Sporting safari wear this spring means wearing cute shrunken Khaki jackets. I'd also suggest wearing khaki dresses with wooden buttons and a belt to pull the whole look together.

Helpful Hints:

- Pair chunky gold accessories with khaki - it will look amazing.

-If you're wearing a shrunken khaki jacket thrown on a pair of little white shorts and platform sandals - you'll look killer.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my shoe and accessory report!

Friday, February 15, 2008

GR Press Fashion Fanatics - Part Three

Click the link below to view the Style Squad's third and final fashion commentary blog post.

GR Press Style Squad

To all of our dedicated fans - don't worry! The Style Squad will be back just in time to lend some much-needed advice to all the disastrously dressed celebs parading up and down the Oscar red-carpet. Until then, tune in to Tricia Woolfenden's blog,”The New Black.”

On a random side note - The plaid reindeer get-up shown above galloped down the House of Holland runway during London Fashion Week. To put it lightly, I almost had a stroke.

I'd love to hear your comments...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

GR Press Fashion Fanatics - Part Deux

More commentary from the Grand Rapids Press Style Squad.

Copy and paste my friends.

GR Press Style Squad

P.S. I'll be posting my fall fashion overview late tonight or tomorrow afternoon.


Monday, February 11, 2008

GR Press Fashion Fanatics - Part One

Who says Grand Rapids isn't chic? See for yourself...

Copy and paste the link below to dive into a big scoop of fall fashion (courtesy of Tricia Woolfenden's GR Press blog).

GR Style Squad - Part One

Stay tuned to "The New Black" for Part Two - coming soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PR is the New Rock n' Roll

This just in from the Bryant Park Tents: The Hills girls, Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port are officially employed by the super swank L.A. /NYC fashion PR firm, "People's Revolution."

According to New York Magazine, the girls have already been spotted working hard (or hardly working) at a number of different fashion shows with, you guessed it, multiple cameras in tow.

Personally, I was shocked to hear the news. I mean, come on now, Divas? Working entry-level jobs? At a PR firm no less? Let's just say I have a tad bit of experience in entry-level PR and it's not all spa treatments and hair extensions.

So, I decided to do some research on this mysterious firm that deems itself the "People's Revolution," turns out the firm is the definition of the future of fashion public relations. Furthermore, the president, Kelly Cutrone, is a self-promotion genius, for obvious reasons:

A. Employs two of the hottest fashionistas on the L.A. /NYC scene in which both girls are practically a walking billboard for the firm.

B. Is featured on the hit MTV reality show, The Hills. Again, think walking billboard.

Visit the link below to read a recent interview with Cutrone.

She describes fashion as the "new rock n' roll," and the brilliant designs of Andrew Buckler as if "Diesel and Paul Smith F*cked and had a kid." I couldn't have said it better myself, I think I may have found a new hero.

So in closing, I would like to thank Kelly Cutrone for being everything I aspire to be and more, and also The Hills, for throwing their little celebuatants into the crazy world of PR. If nothing else it will make all of the young PR people out there have a few entry-level laughs. Hey who knows, it may even give some well deserved credit to the profession.

Here's to the next "new rock n' roll" - Public relations.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The New Black

To those of you who live in Michigan, be sure to check out Grand Rapids Press reporter Tricia Woolfenden's blog "The New Black." The blog is amazing and (gasp!) updated everyday, covering very important issues such as celebrity gossip, fashion, fashion and more fashion, basically everything and anything fabulous.

Tricia was nice enough to feature yours truly in her blog and Tuesday column this week.

I've posted the blog link below.

"Local Fashionista Learns From The Best"

P.S. Tricia will be featuring a fashion panel on her blog throughout fashion week (Feb 1-8). The panel will be weighing in on all the NYC fashion week craziness and examining the different trends coming off the runway. Again, Tricia has been nice enough to include me as a guest panelist. Check it out! You won't be sorry!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Mercedes-Benz of Fashion

That's right ladies, buckle up, IMG/Mercedes-Benz fall fashion week is here. Only five more nail-bitting days till 85 of the most to-die-for fashion houses unveil their 2008 autumn collections. Right now, as we speak, over 80 fashion houses are working around the clock to make their final stitch, thread their last bead and pin their last model; all in anticipation of the roughly 20-minute runway roundabout extravaganza.

For those of us that can't attend fashion week, I will make sure to provide a full critique of several different delicious collections. Mind you, the collection overview will only be focused on the designers that provide a realistic view of the modern woman and her fashion desires. Case n' point - if i see a model parading down the runway in a hat made of insects (ehm, Christian Lacroix) you can bet your Manolo's that they won't be featured on this blog (a tragedy, i know).

Meanwhile, I've posted a link to the full fashion week schedule:

Stay tuned to Style Junkie for all your fall fashion needs!

If anyone has any collection requests please let me know!

Monday, January 21, 2008

How To Be Glamourous - Rachel Zoe Style

Style A to Zoe - The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour was an overall intriguing read. I slowly worked my way through Rachel Zoe's self-described "glamour bible" making sure to make a fair decision on whether it was actually informative to someone who isn't a millionaire, and who doesn't name their best friend as Katie Holmes - you get the jist.

Zoe (pronounced like "oh") covers everything from how to accessorize correctly to jet-setting in style, and even directs you how to decorate your home (if you're a fabulous millionaire, of course). Much to my surprise, Zoe gives a good amount of advice that us "normal" girls can use. However, there is a fair amount of advice that i probably will not be using - such as: how to dress for my weekend trips to the Hampton's or what to bring in my bag for all those unexpected Europe vacations!(maybe someday...)

But, alas, I have to give Zoe credit. The woman has dressed everyone from the Backstreet Boys to teen queen Britney spears, not to mention our favorite rehab-er, Linday Lohan. To be honest, I can't deny my jealousy. The woman travels the world in the name of fashion and has become fabulously wealthy and well-connected because of it.

However, stardom always comes with a price. Just a few seasons after being unofficially recognized as the woman who single-handidly created the trend known as "boho-chic" (think Mary-Kate Olsen, yuck) Zoe was accused of turning her clients into scrawny, orange skinned, "Zoe-bots." Nicole Richie fired the styling guru last November claiming she needed to be surrounded by "positive people." Is it a coincidence that almost all of Zoe's young clients look like they live on a strict diet of Red Bull and Marlboro's? You decide.

In the meantime, listed below, are the most important take-aways from Zoe's manual - Enjoy!

Five Glamour Essentials Under $50
- Red Lipstick
-Black eyeliner
-Great heels
- Faux fur shrug (not sure this is top on my list...)
- Metallic clutch (Love it!)

Zoe's Red Carpet Must-Haves (Just in-case i have a movie premier tomorrow)
-Classic black dress
-Nude or black patent pumps
-Perfect red lipstick
-Fishnets and black tights
-An all-season wrap or shrug

Day-Off Essentials (Basically a "weekend wear" guide)
-A great fitting pair of jeans (dark)
-A roomy jersey or cashmere constructed top
-A wrap or shift dress in cotton, jersey, or another Knit
-A tote, hobo bag or anything roomy
-Lip gloss
-Rosy cheek tint
-An all season wrap (does anyone recognize a pattern here?)
-Sunglasses (or as Rachel calls them "Sunnies!" - barf)
-Glam-on-the-go footwear (flats, boots, or wedges)

Monday, January 7, 2008

PR Couture

Sorry for the delay ladies, my holiday vacation was filled with millions of family parties and a five day ski trip up north - it was fabulous!

Anyway, let's get down to business. I have discovered the most wonderful Web site devoted to fashion and all its fabulosity (trademark, Kimora Lee Simmons). You can locate this delicious site by typing into your nearest search bar.

True to it's name, the page is devoted to showcasing the world of fashion through the eyes of various public relations/marketing experts. Brilliant.

Read PR Couture's mission statement below - and prepare to be amazed.

PR COUTURE is a new online resource for successful, emerging and aspiring fashion publicists, designers, students, and educators to share tips, tricks, challenges, and commentary about the role of public relations in the fashion industry.

A true insiders’ guide to the realities of the job, with real-life examples of the power of smart, strategic PR, we tackle everything from how to self-promote as a designer, to which courses and programs are best for students looking at Fashion PR as a future career.

PR COUTURE was created in response to the lack of a credible, honest, and engaging forum about fashion public relations online. PR COUTURE believes that by sharing ideas and engaging in relevant debate, we enhance our skills, and increase the value of community within our chosen field.

We are also tired of the stereotype that fashion publicists are more concerned with air-kisses than credibility. PR COUTURE aligns itself with the PRSA mission to unify, strengthen and advance the profession of public relations and believes that by providing a forum for the fashion public relations specialty online, we are in service of those goals.

Val - this one's for you - enjoy!