Thursday, April 9, 2009

Style Junkie Weekly Moves to

Good evening diva darlings!

I'm excited to finally announce that Style Junkie Weekly has become the Grand Rapids Press' official fashion blog! Check out the "Living" section on and prepare to be bombarded with all the hottest trends, need to know fashion headlines and much, much more!

I'll try to post the links on this blog as much as i can, but if you don't want to wait simply click here!

--Style Junkie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vogue's Ten Most Wanted

Can i just say that, a.k.a Vogue online has the best "down low" shopping information for all the crazy online shoppers out there (ahem, me)?!

The "ten most wanted" section is my absolute favorite! This fantastic feature provides a tantalizing must-have mix of shoes, clothing, accessories and random trinkets for relatively cheap prices.

Just because i love you (or hate you), I've posted the link below for your viewing and online shopping pleasure. Don't say i didn't warn you.

Click here for shopping gold.

--Style Junkie

Monday, March 2, 2009

Need-To-Know Fashion Updates: Boots, Britney and Anna Wintour

While browsing NY Mag's fabulous fashion blog, "The Cut," and my very own SaleMail account I came across quite a few fashion updates that fall into the "need-to-know" category. The updates are provided below, enjoy my darlings!

-60 Minutes and CNN will soon take a daring step into the fashion industry when the two channels profile the world's most prominent fashion figures - Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld.

-Thigh-high boots and full-leg boots double as pants in Prada's 2009 fall collection. For all of us that enjoy wearing pants, but want to embrace the trend, i suggest buying a middle-of-the-line pair of thigh-high boots and pairing with skin-tight skinny jeans.

-As you may know, our good friend Britney Spears is hitting the road for an international circus tour very soon. Canadian brothers Dsquared2 will be designing her Ringling Bros. - esque frocks. Rock on Brit.

-BCBG Max Azaria taffeta skirt on sale at for over $100 off the original price. This is a great choice for spring! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

StyleJunkie Feature - Fresh Fashion Local

Name: Nadira Kharmai,
Age: 20
- Grand Valley State University lacrosse team
- Local model and fashion show producer
- Former host of GVSU's premier fashion talk-show, "Hot Valley"

Fashion inspiration
Simple, Gabrielle Chanel. Her mantra of pure simplicity is my fashion inspiration The collection, now conducted by Karl Lagerfeld inspires me to fuse preppy looks with classic pieces to create new age trends.

To-die-for Couture Designer
JASON WU! I'd KILL for one of his flashy little cocktail dresses. Wu’s spring collection at NYF is incredible. He has an eye for fresh elegance with a twist of romantic style. He also rocks sequins in all the right ways.

Best bang for your buck designer
Paper Denim and Cloth. The collection is known for soft and durable clothing that lasts. Very artsy and not many people wear their stuff around these parts.

Forever fashion staple
Low-rise dark jeans are slimming on any body type and can be doctored up with embroidery and sequins. If you’re aiming for a more casual look pair the jeans with super high heels and a sexy or billowy top.

"Aww hell no" fashion don't
CROCS, unless you're a gardener or working in a hospital, please refrain from wearing Crocs. Also – never wear five different trends at once!

The future of fashion
I'm hoping designers such as Jason Wu, Betsy Johnson, and Christian Audigier can stir up something unique and reasonably priced for all of us without millions of dollars. I’d also like to see Betsy Johnson and Christian Audigier’s west coast style blend with the mainstream style that controls the Midwest.

Spring '09 fashion predictions
More floral patterns along with polka dots. I have a feeling polka dots are going to be huge and hopefully cancel out the plaid phase still looming over us.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbie Turns 50

There's not a gray hair in sight for Barbie who's turning 50 this year and still sporting a size 2 waist, perky C-cup push up and sans cellulite luscious legs. To celebrate 50 years of Barbie fun Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presented a catwalk extravaganza featuring 51 Barbie-inspired looks designed by 51 of of the world's most fabulous designers!

Now that's a crazy party!

Just because i love you, I've posted the YouTube video below - Enjoy!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Couture Condoms

Alexander Wang collaborates with Planned Parenthood to design limited edition condoms. No this is not a joke - click the link below for the full story (courtesy of NY Magazine's, "The Cut").

Wang's Couture Condoms


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The other Jenny from the block...

Let's face it friends, no man is ever going to be "just not that in" to Jennifer Aniston. Take a look at the link below (courtesy of Style Critics) showcasing Aniston's snazzy yet simple outfit for Leno. The best thing about this look? People not living in la-la land (a.k.a. Hollywood) can easily recreate the sexy ensemble! :) Work it!

Jennifer Aniston Rocks Leno


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot or Not? Fur Bracelets

Ecstatic as always to see my weekly email sitting patiently in my inbox, i rushed home to pour myself a glass of vino and kick back for some good fashion reading. Halfway through the rundown i noticed a small brief touting a new trend about to hit the fashion radar for pre-fall.

I'll give you a hint, the trend is hairy, fluffy and detached from your outfit. Give up? It's an enormous fur bracelet (come on people!)

Now, I'm not sure how i feel about slapping a big furry bracelet around my wrist, all i can think about is unknowingly dipping my fabuloso bracelet in tapioca pudding during a lunch meeting. But, what do i know? I could be completely missing the point here.

Feel free to leave comments coaching me on how to successfully flash around the fur bracelet, i'm all ears! :)

--Style Junkie

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Ball Designer - Jason Wu is the Winner

Update: Well, i was wrong on my designer pick! Thank goodness Stylehive's Aunt Bee sent me an email late last night to keep me in the "know."

Aunt Bee says: Michelle Obama wears a silk chiffon Jason Wu gown with crystal rhinestones -- this young designer must be on top of the world right about now--gorgeous gown!

I can now sleep peacefully, thanks to Stylehive. :)

--Style Junkie

Inauguration Ball: No News is Good News?


There is no update! CNN's latest news reads "Obama, first lady make party appearance" - but i can't access the coverage! The horror of it all.

If anyone out there knows what and who Mrs. O is wearing please comment below. I'm sure the fashion critics will provide glaring reviews tomorrow morning and i will post something shortly thereafter.

My prediction is another Isabel Toledo ensemble, or she could go with her beloved hometown designer, Maria Pinto.

We'll see...

Mrs. O Wardrobe Update!


Michelle Obama departed from Blair House early this morning in a stunning gold Isabel Toledo skirt ensemble. Follow the link below from Women's Wear Daily to read more!


More to come!

--Style Junkie

Monday, January 19, 2009

What will Mrs. O wear to the ball?

The question on everyone's mind as Barack Obama proudly accepts his post as our nation's 44th president is, "what will Michelle (a.k.a "Mrs. O) Obama wear to the Inauguration Ball?!"

Yes that's right friends, CNN may be focusing their news efforts towards the prospect of great change but news programs like Entertainment Tonight are solely focused on wardrobe (thank god).

Here's the latest update in two words: Narciso Rodriguez

Going back to her election day roots, Michelle has opted for sleek, warm Narciso ensembles on Sunday and today.

I'll be beaming myself to Washington D.C. tomorrow evening for the Inauguration Ball and will make sure everyone is fully aware of what Michelle Obama is wearing. Or, depending on the weather, i may just sit on my couch like every other American and blog about it all later.

I'll check in tomorrow.

-Style Junkie

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Michigan Fashion Designer Cameron Scott Hits The Big Time!

Michigan born fashion designer Cameron Scott returned to his hometown of Detroit this month and debuted his 2009 Resort collection at Royal Oak boutique, The Annex. From what I've read and heard, the collection received stellar reviews.

In the essence of time, I'm going to post Cameron's 2009 Resort collection press release (I normally don't post releases as is, so don't get used to it!).

Designer Cameron Scott To Unveil New Collection During Three City Trunk Show

Read the press release, visit the Web site and let me know what you think!

--Style Junkie

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Top Five!

Hi Friends,

Like most of you, i tuned in to the Golden Globes last night to see Brad and Angie making out at a table in the back, Rumer Willis as Miss Golden Globe (Stand up strait and don't hunch!) and last but most certainly not least, the amazing evening wear our billionaire besties were sporting as they cascaded down the red carpet

After countless hours (okay maybe minutes) of debating who would be crowned "best dressed" i decided on the following list:

2009 Golden Globes Top Five Best Dressed

5. So, i broke down and included a cocktail-ish ensemble on the list, but i had too! America Ferrera looked ultra-comfortable and very non-Ugly Betty in her Oscar De La Renta frock and matching clutch.

4. As always, Penelope Cruz looked breathtaking in a pale gold column dress crafted by Giorgio Armani Prive. Cruz floated along the red carpet smiling, waving to fans and looking as though she didn't have a care in the world. What's the happy glow all about? Who knows, but i'm sure we'll learn all about in the tabloids tomorrow.

3. Eva Mendes rocked her Dior white silk taffeta gown by contrasting chunky aqua green jewelry and showing off her gorgeously tan cuban skin. This dress almost made me forgive her for having an affair with Meg Ryan's husband in "The Women," but I'm still bitter (that's why she's number 3).

2. Not to go all "goth" on everyone, but i fell in love with Kate Winslet's black, belted Yves St. Laurent gown. You know what they say, black is the new size 2 - work it girl!

1. In a true "let them eat cake" moment Amy Adams rocked a glitzy gown that resembled an over-the-top, yet incredibly sexy wedding dress. The dark navy hue was perfectly contrasted with Adams deep red hair and creamy alabaster skin. I also enjoyed her sage green platinum jewelry - nicely done to Amy's stylist!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Fashion Reading List

Hi Ladies,

As i sit here at my computer with red-rimmed eyes in a soft sleepy haze i seem to remember why a good book is always sort of bittersweet. I decided to start reading Queen of Fashion (listed below) last night at around 11 p.m. and didn't get to bed till around 2 a.m.! Now, thanks to Caroline Weber I'm walking around the house like a zombie when I'm supposed to be at the gym working off all those holiday macaroons. Just another day in the life i suppose, figures.

Anyway, the books listed below are sure to keep you yawning at your desks and sleeping in for the first part of 2009.


Stellar Fashion Reads
  1. Queen of Fashion, What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution By Caroline Weber
  2. Fashion Inside Out By Daniel Voscovic (Project Runway Alumni!)
  3. Emily Post By Laura Claridge
  4. Chanel and Her World, Friends, Fashion and Fame By Edmonde Charles-Roux