Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amy Winehouse Vomits on Designer Dresses...

Looks like our friend Amy Winehouse is being fined a hefty amount for vomiting all over the designer dresses she recently borrowed from posh department store Harvey Nichols.

Read the article below and prepare to be mortified.

Courtesy of Catwalk Queen -

"Apologies if you are eating right now, I really did um and ah over whether or not to post this story I read about Amy Winehouse today... honest I did!

Like I said, if you're currently enjoying your breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea, while thinking how wonderful the world is, then you may want to skip this item. The troubled crooner has done the unthinkable, then again, it is Wino - what hasn't she done? After borrowing £25,000 worth of designer dresses from Harvey Nichols ahead of London Fashion Week, the silly muppet then returned said frocks with vomit stains chucked in as a bonus. (Chucked - geddit?)"

As if Amy Winehouse hasn't embarrassed herself enough...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Fashion Favorites

As i was putting together this season's fall fashion overview i had a distinct sense of deja vu. It seems as though our favorite designers have decided the present trends are fabulous enough to keep in the line up for yet another season. This pleases me because i am a huge fan of wide-leg trousers, scarves, pencil skirts, bangles, etc. - the list just goes on and on. Speaking of lists, I've decided to take some cues from the bible, (yes I'm speaking of Harper's Bazaar) and give you this season's must-haves in a different format.

KEEP IT: We like this category! Why? Because you don't have to pinch pennys from every pay check to buy these pieces - you should already have these in your wardrobe! Keep wearing the delicious duds from last season! You earned it.

-High-waisted pencil skirts (Pair with a solid color button down and statement pumps for a hot look!)

-Wide-leg trousers (always sexy! Remember to wear something form fitting up top).

-Pashmina scarves of every color! (white shirt, wide-leg trousers, colored pashmina - you're ready to take on the town).

-Florals (skirts, dresses, blouses, flats, heels, etc.)

-Day clutches (keep that big honking clutch at your side!)

-Bangles (layer your wrists and neck! WARNING - do not do this all at once, please!)

-Skinny/wide belts (skinny belt your blouses for a simple change-up)

-Classic trench (I know, i know I'm a broken record).

-Tights! (tights are still a staple this season. Wear a pair of plum tights with a solid black sweater dress!)

-Boots, boots and more boots (ankle, thigh, mid-calf, stretchy, over-sized - just buy a pair and wear them, okay?)

TRY IT: The good news? You don't have to buy too many new pieces for fall; The bad news? You do need to take a few risks. You can do it, just breathe and button!

-ANYTHING purple (pumps, blouses, tights, hand bags, bangles - it's the hot color this fall).

-Boyfriend jeans (not gonna lie, i hate these jeans because i am a woman with curves. If you're built like Katie Holmes, go crazy).

-Lace (That's right we're taking a journey back to the 80's for this one - break out your material girl goods!)

-Patterned flats (So cute! Wear with black straight-leg pants and a long black sweater).

-Sky-high heels (Christian Louboutin and his gang have declared 5-inch heels the norm this season. If you choose to participate, please have a first-aid kit on hand!)

STORE IT: For the love of god, please pack everything listed below in a box. Thanks, management.

-Gauchos (these haven't been in style for a while, i hate gauchos with a passion!)

-Cleavage (not work appropriate my friends...)

-Wedges (pack these away till next summer!)

-Slinky esque bracelets (They're just loud and obnoxious)

-Motorcycle jacket (just my opinion, but i think these jackets are SO trailer park!)

-Bright patterned tunics (it's over! Maybe you should just burn these?)

-80's cut-off leggings (Get these out of your wardrobe! Switch to tights!)

Satisfied? Feel free to comment with questions or something i missed!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Fashion Overview - Coming Soon

Hello Fashion Divas -

I hope you were following my Twitter posts during this week's fashion extravaganza in NYC.

Now that fashion week has come to a close it's time to talk about fall fashion.

I've been feverishly sorting through the designer looks that strutted down the runway last February and will provide you with a full-proof fashion checklist of what you need to be wearing this fall to turn the most important heads.

I'll deliver the good by Sunday! Until next time my darlings.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peirce Mattie's "Haute List"

Just when i thought i was pretty tuned into the fashion scene - our friends at Peirce Mattie Public Relations released their 2008-2008 "Haute list." The list features the top three fashion/lifestyle related brands in 16 different categories.

This list is intense folks.

In the words of Peirce Mattie PR and PR Couture: "Check to see if you are on the pulse with the following fashion related brands and mags and if not, start copy pasting into Google immediately!"

Due to the fact that I'm familiar with only ten of the uber cool fashion listings, i better get cracking. I think i smell a night of "fashion cramming" coming on.

See for yourself:

Indie Fashion & Beauty Magazines:
1. Visionaire
2. Metro.Pop

Foreign Beauty & Fashion Magazines:

1. Company (UK)
2. Jessica (Hong Kong)
3. Trendi (Finland)

TV Shows:

1. 90210
2. Kath & Kim
3. Gossip Girl

Women’s Apparel:

1. Topshop
2. Valentino under Alessandra Fachinetti
3. Rodarte

Men’s Apparel:
1. Pastelle
2. RMC Martin Ksohoh

Jewelry Brands:
1. John Hardy
2. Alexis Bittar
3. Trollbeads

Handbag Lines:

1. Rebecca Minkoff
2. Foley+Corinna
3. Timi & Leslie

Cosmetic Lines:

1. e.l.f.
2. Colorescience
3. Classified Cosmetics

Skin Care:
1. Korner
2. Lavera
3. Kaeline Argatherapie

Hair Care:

1. Re:nu by Joico
2. bain de terre
3. Intelligent Nutrients

Dermal Fillers:

1. Restylane
2. Evolence
3. Elevess

Nail Brands:
1. Butter LONDON
2. Dr. Remedy Nails
3. Borghese Nail Care


1. Mixed Martial Arts
2. Triathlon Training
3. Boxing

1. Bourbon
2. Martinis (Lychese, Pomegranate, Apple, etc.)
3. Mojito

Vacation Destinations:

1. Panama
2. Costa Rica
3. “Staycations” (finding hot spots close to home)

Social Media Sites on the Rise:
1. LinkedIn
2. Ning
3. Ustream