Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goodbye Yves Saint Laurent

I was working away in my office on June 1st when much to my surprise i received three email messages within five minutes. As i quickly switched screens to see what all the commotion was about, I was immediately saddened. The three headlines in my inbox, all from different fashion Web sites, read "Breaking News: Yves Saint Laurent Dies at 71. And with that, another fashion legend passes and more people forget about the true beauty and intricacy of fashion design.

Though most of us have never experienced the chic comfort of a YSL frock, or the smooth thick leather patched perfectly on a classic YSL tote, many of us have worn his designs without knowing. For example, the tuxedo blazer you wore out to drinks last Friday, YSL designed in 1966. Bolero Jackets, see-through blouses and thigh-high boots were all made famous by being featured in Laurent's critically acclaimed collections. Still not convinced? The man invented the pant suit for crying out loud!

Laurent captured his life through his designs. Know for his bright colors and black contrasts, he frequently used ethnic themes and patterns within his garment collections. He designed for the modern day woman who was/is "all business."

So, here's to you Yves Saint Laurent. Your brilliant masterpieces will be forever remembered by generations to come.

Note: Yves Saint Laurent's funeral was held today at the botanical garden in Marrakesh, Morocco where the reclusive fashion designer found inspiration and refuge from fame.