Monday, February 23, 2009

StyleJunkie Feature - Fresh Fashion Local

Name: Nadira Kharmai,
Age: 20
- Grand Valley State University lacrosse team
- Local model and fashion show producer
- Former host of GVSU's premier fashion talk-show, "Hot Valley"

Fashion inspiration
Simple, Gabrielle Chanel. Her mantra of pure simplicity is my fashion inspiration The collection, now conducted by Karl Lagerfeld inspires me to fuse preppy looks with classic pieces to create new age trends.

To-die-for Couture Designer
JASON WU! I'd KILL for one of his flashy little cocktail dresses. Wu’s spring collection at NYF is incredible. He has an eye for fresh elegance with a twist of romantic style. He also rocks sequins in all the right ways.

Best bang for your buck designer
Paper Denim and Cloth. The collection is known for soft and durable clothing that lasts. Very artsy and not many people wear their stuff around these parts.

Forever fashion staple
Low-rise dark jeans are slimming on any body type and can be doctored up with embroidery and sequins. If you’re aiming for a more casual look pair the jeans with super high heels and a sexy or billowy top.

"Aww hell no" fashion don't
CROCS, unless you're a gardener or working in a hospital, please refrain from wearing Crocs. Also – never wear five different trends at once!

The future of fashion
I'm hoping designers such as Jason Wu, Betsy Johnson, and Christian Audigier can stir up something unique and reasonably priced for all of us without millions of dollars. I’d also like to see Betsy Johnson and Christian Audigier’s west coast style blend with the mainstream style that controls the Midwest.

Spring '09 fashion predictions
More floral patterns along with polka dots. I have a feeling polka dots are going to be huge and hopefully cancel out the plaid phase still looming over us.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barbie Turns 50

There's not a gray hair in sight for Barbie who's turning 50 this year and still sporting a size 2 waist, perky C-cup push up and sans cellulite luscious legs. To celebrate 50 years of Barbie fun Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presented a catwalk extravaganza featuring 51 Barbie-inspired looks designed by 51 of of the world's most fabulous designers!

Now that's a crazy party!

Just because i love you, I've posted the YouTube video below - Enjoy!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Couture Condoms

Alexander Wang collaborates with Planned Parenthood to design limited edition condoms. No this is not a joke - click the link below for the full story (courtesy of NY Magazine's, "The Cut").

Wang's Couture Condoms


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The other Jenny from the block...

Let's face it friends, no man is ever going to be "just not that in" to Jennifer Aniston. Take a look at the link below (courtesy of Style Critics) showcasing Aniston's snazzy yet simple outfit for Leno. The best thing about this look? People not living in la-la land (a.k.a. Hollywood) can easily recreate the sexy ensemble! :) Work it!

Jennifer Aniston Rocks Leno