Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Decisions Have Been Made...

Remember my dream job? Social media, fashion, Gossip Girl celebs? Right, well the PR firm i'm describing, Porter Novelli pop-up firm Jack+Bill have finally annouced the lucky clients that will be receiving FREE PR services!!

Read the information posted below - compliments of


Jack + Bill, Porter Novelli’s pop up fashion PR agency, has finally announced the results from its casting call! Last month, the agency staged a two-day open audition for New York’s next big fashion stars, promising the winners free representation leading up to Fashion Week.

For Jewelry Design, J+B picked DANNIJO, a line created by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder (top left). AIRA has been chosen as Women’s Apparel Designer (top right), Kalyn Johnson has been named Fashion Stylist (bottom right), and Christopher Fawcett is J+B’s hot pick for Model (center).

Attendees at the casting call competed in one of the four categories mentioned above. And in a surprising development, J+B created a fifth “Wild Card” category, and announced Badgley/Sneed Designs as an additional client. Badgley/Sneed Designs is a new jewelry line created by Gossip Girls’ star Penn Badgley’s mother, Lynne, and godmother, Jan Sneed. As has been widely reported in the press (Jack + Bill landed People and a sound byte on E! News to name a few), co-stars Penn and Blake Lively accompanied the Badgley/Sneed duo to the casting call. After presenting the jewelry line to J+B, the four special guests posed for pictures and spoke to media.

Alyson Campbell, partner at J+B, explained the agency’s decision to bring in a “Wild Card” winner: “There were so many talented individuals. We thought, let’s give exposure to more people.” But isn’t J+B concerned about possible criticism of its celebrity client, given its mission to represent emerging designers?

Alyson added that August will be a busy month as J+B as staff sit down with their new clients and plan their PR campaigns. The agency’s services to the winners end on September 5th. J+B plans to throw a rap party at the end of Fashion Week to celebrate its clients’ achievements. For more information on its new clients, including videos from the casting, visit J + B’s blog

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All The Rage

Interesting fashion tid bit...

My friend Val recently sent me a journalist query from the New York Times requesting a PR person to find an adult who wears fashion and designer bandages as accessories (meaning even if they don't have a cut). The request got me thinking - is this for real? Are there really people out there who are taking bandages and putting them on their face, arms and legs because they think it's "cool?" I had to get to the bottom of this.

As it turns out, fashion bandages are all the rage in Japan. And it's not just colored band-aids that are making a statement. Some girls have been photographed sashaying down the street with random eye bandages (think Captain Hook) strapped around their heads.

As you'll notice in the photo above, Japanese women are actually going as far as wearing different color leg casts to make a statement.

I'm praying to god that this doesn't catch on in the U.S., I can't imagine that leg casts are slimming, and i look horrible in white gauze. :)

I'd welcome your thoughts on this trend....