Tuesday, October 23, 2007

UGG! (Read: Ugh!)

To all my adoring fans - I sincerely apologize for my absence.

However i do need to post something right this second - it's a fashion emergency.

What is the deal with Ugg Australia putting all their merchandise on back order? I'm just going out on a small tree limb here - but if I'm the CEO of Ugg Australia and it's getting close to the winter season (in most parts of the U.S.), wouldn't i want to be all stocked up with sheepskin, wool-lined boots??!!

Granted, the actual continent of Australia never dips below 50 degrees all year long, but that's no excuse - it is actually more of a reason to be ready for the sudden influx of online buyers from the good ol' US of A. If i was to buy my Uggs online they would arrive on December 17th. December 17th is fine for a girl who lives in California, or maybe the great state of Florida, but not Michigan, the state that actually receives SNOW in the winter months. Bearing December weather with no boots would be like going barefoot in the Arctic - I'm serious people (or i could be exaggerating).

Anyway, long story long, I did purchase a beautiful pair of Gray Paisley Uggs (See the large image above) this afternoon. However, i did not purchase the pair from Ugg Australia - and i will be receiving my beautiful sheepskin/wool works of art on November 8th.

P.S. After relaying the fashion emergency information to my father he calmly responded by saying "Aren't Uggs out of style?" - talk about getting called out by your own father.

P.P.S My response to dad's comment (and all Ugg nay-sayers for that matter) is "Uggs are eternally stylish, especially if you live in Michigan" (Am i right Em?).

Until next time...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Louis Vuitton Baggage At It's Finest

Keeping up with Kardashian's sashayed on to E!'s Sunday night line up and I must sickeningly admit that I could potentially become a fan.

Just in the first episode alone the Kardashian's covered pole dancing twelve year olds, sex tape fiascos, and last but certainly not least, maternal drunkenness - how can you not like these people?

As for our friend Kimmy's personal style - I give it a 6. Kim was shockingly ordinary with only a few shots of T&A to really round out her blah outfit choices. However, the scariest ensemble (or so I thought) was a momentary lapse of judgment before a scheduled appearance on theTyra Banks show.

Fresh with embarrassment from a recent sex tape leak, Kim opted for a burnt orange high-neck mid 16th century jousting blouse complete with obnoxious ruffles. I do understand that Kim was using her outfit to make a statement, if her blouse could have spoken it would have probably said: “I did make the sex tape, but I regret it, and I have now committed my life to God." But let's be honest - we're talking about Kim Kardashian , wearing a blouse that comes up to her ears, so the blouse is most likely screaming the words, "Okay okay, I did it, I made the dirty sex tape and I liked it!!"

Just a quick note: The blouse choice actually looked good on camera, good save Kim.

To those who fear that Kim might now be taking a more "conservative" approach to her wardrobe- I'm happy to report that she left theTyra Banks show wearing a high-waisted, skin-tight, pencil skirt paired with a chic white oxford shirt buttoned down to her navel - classy. Kim is currently auditioning replacements for her next sex tape which will "accidentally" leak sometime before the Christmas shopping season.

In closing, Armenian fashion queen Kim Kardashian might have changed my opinion of self-obsessed young L.A. women, that is, until she uttered these words below:
"Ya know, there's a lot of baggage that comes with this family, but it's like Louis Vuitton baggage" (cue the raspy Paris Hilton esque giggle - barf).

I just have one question, where's Brody Jenner and when will he be taking his shirt off?

I Have Arrived

Hello to all my eager style obsessed readers - which now only consists of my roommates.

This post will not be a long drawn out introduction, but a preview of what is to come.

I am awaiting the series premier of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" which airs tonight on E!
@ 10:30 p.m. No this is not a plug for the style guru (or so she claims) Kim Kardashian, but a way to peek into her life and truly asses her personal style.

My question to all of you: Kim Kardashian - style queen or slutty lady-in-waiting? (Kardashian fans, please do not leave me crazy hate messages, i haven't even made a final decision yet).

Until next time...