Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adventures in San Diego

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I'm going going back back to Cali Cali - no really, I am.

The fierce rumors (and paparazzi photos) are true, i am in San Diego,
California enjoying a week long vacation with my family. Aside from the
beach house and delicious Mexican food, I've discovered that San Diego
has their fair share of absolutely amazing vintage/ready-to-wear

For example, today i was minding my own business looking for an ice cream
shop so i could completely destroy my latest diet and instead of
finding chocolate chip cookie dough, i found The Bikini Shoppe boutique
(totally opposite end of the spectrum, but that's another story). The
shop was no bigger than my college dorm room, but was stocked full of
unique bathing suit choices! I was in heaven, until i had to actually
try the bathing suit on.

After about 15 suits and a painfully honest sales person (who was the stereotypical "cali" girl!) i found a great VIX bathing suit. I know what you're thinking, what is "VIX?" Well I'll tell you! Probably the sweetest line of bathing suits I've ever come across. Granted, the bathing suit was significantly out of my price range - $150 but i compromised. Crazy Cali sales girl hooked me up. I bought the to-die-for VIX
bathing suit top and bought a pair of cheap $20 white bottoms. The
whole bathing suit ended up being only abou $100 - Worth it? I THINK SO.

Until next time...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

PR Couture Contributor - That's Me!

So I was perusing my favorite PR Web site the other day and i came across a link that read "PR Consultant Lynsey Roumell's top five Oscar picks." Long story short - I almost died. Me? a PR Couture contributor? On an international PR Web site?

I could definitely get used to this. Not to mention that the link transfers directly to! Great promotion for the Grand Rapids Press and my favorite fashion reporter - Tricia Woolfenden.

Click Here to visit "The New Black" blog where my Top 5 and Worst 5 Oscar picks were originally posted back in late February.

And if that doesn't work - copy and paste this into your browser!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Fashion Part Two: Shoes & Accessories

Spring Fashion Report - Shoe & Accessory must-haves:

-That's right, flats are holding steady this season as the go-to comfort shoe for spring. To set yourself apart from the rest purchase a pair of flats that are shockingly pink or bright yellow.

Helpful Hint:
- To spice up your flats you need to add a little bit of "bling." Visit your local craft store and buy faux broaches and jewels. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the jewels to your flats!
Note: Only use one or two jeweled accents per shoe - do not go overboard!

Platform Slingback Sandals
- These are a definite must-have for spring. Platforms are making a huge statement, it seems like every sandal this season has been reconstructed to boast a platform heel. The reason i reccommend a slingback is because this shoe style is classic and very spring/summer chic.

Helpful Hint:
-Buy a pair of platform slingbacks in a neutral color. I just purchased an amazing pair of chestnut leather slingbacks! I can wear them with anything. More bang for your buck!

Riding Boots
-Wear high-heeled riding boots this spring! Don't be afraid to pair the boots with a shirt dress, cocktail shorts or even a fun spring mini-skirt.

Helpful Hint:
-Due to the fact that riding boots are technically a winter trend, you can find a great pair of boots for an amazing price. I just bought a pair that were marked down from $150 to $30!

Platform Stilettos

-Buy these in every color if you've got the money. If you're not packin' an extra $300 dollars for stilettos this season, be sure to buy a black or cream patent leather pair.

Helpful Hint:
-Again, these shoes will work well with any spring fashion style. Wear them with shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, trouser pants, shirt dresses, etc. Be fearless and tromp down the sidewalk like a celeb - you've earned it.


-These are great addition to any outfit. Pashminas are cheap so buy one of these in every color. Simply drape the fabric around your neck or wrap the pashmina once around. Wear pashminas with big over-sized sunglasses - you'll look like Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Helpful Hint:
- Stop in at your local fabric store and purchase as many pashminas as you need this season. You'll pay half the price and probably find some great patterned fabric that the retail stores won't be carrying! Be sure to make friends with one of the store clerks so you can figure out which fabric will hold up the best.

Day Clutch
-Who said you can only wear a clutch at night? Buy a day clutch in a crazy color or pattern!

Helpful Hint:
-Don't spend a ton of money on a day clutch this season. This could be a trend that fades quickly. Hit up Forever 21, Target or Charlotte Russe. You can still purchase a fab clutch for half the price.

Obnoxiously Huge Bags
-Yup, they're still in style! Which means that you need to trade in your old over-sized bag for a new one. Throw that boring faded bag in the corner and try something different. Python bags are very "in" this season along with other animal prints. A plum purple patent leather bag is also high on the list.

-You be the judge this season. Vintage, new, expensive, cheap, anything goes.

Helpful Hint:
-Thick bangle bracelets - I suggest wood and gold.
-Simple earrings. If you're rocking too much jewelry you might resemble Mr. T and that my friends, is not chic.
- If you're sporting a low neckline, add a thick beaded necklace to the outfit.

That's it for spring...if i've missed anything let me know!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Style Junkie Spring Fashion Report

Spring Must-Haves - Clothing Necessities

Trench coats
-If it's the only thing you do, buy a trench coat this spring. This is a piece of outwear that is timeless, we're talking eternally chic. I'm confident that my Grandma owns a trench, my mom wore one in the 80's and now I slip one on every spring.

Helpful Hints:
- Buy a trench in black and don't pay over $100 for it. Black always looks expensive. Who doesn't love looking chic for less?!

- Do not pay attention to the fashion magazines that are claiming you should wear your trench as a dress this season. Who wants to wear a belted coat around the office all day? Your co-workers will think you're a crazy streaker.

- Wearing a floral pattern can be great or it can be disastrous. For us Midwestern girls i would suggest wearing a full floral skirt with a solid color tank or knit top. Top off the outfit with a pair of wooden platform sandals and you'll be smokin.'

Helpful Hint:
-Please stay away from floral Capris. I once had to steer my mom away from a pair of cherry patterned spring Capris and i don't think I've ever been the same. Stick with the skirts and you'll thank me - promise.

Shirt Dresses
-So comfy and perfect for those scorcher summer days. Buy these dresses in lightweight fabric and accessorize with chunky earrings and bracelets. Depending on the neckline, wrapping a ton of glitz around your neck might be a bit too much.

Helpful Hint:
- You don't have to purchase a billion shirt dresses this season. Buy a couple of colors in the style you like and purchase two or three different belts that sit right on your waist. Mixing and matching the dresses and belts will make everyone think you've bought six or seven different outfits.

Trouser Pants
-These pants look good on any shape and size. I just bought a great pair of Level 99 trouser pants at Gina's in Grand Rapids and i would wear them everyday if i could. My favorite trouser fabric right now is denim but I've came across some great houndstooth and silk twill pants lately.

Helpful Hint:
-Do not wear a loose fitting top with trouser pants, you'll look ten pounds heavier. I suggest a button down oxford (tucked in) and mile-high stilettos. Less is more with trouser pants because of the dramatic width.

Cocktail Shorts:
-These shorts are great because you can dress them up or down. Wear during the day with a t-shirt, sunglasses and a pair of flip-flops. Dress up these shorts at night with a pair of stilettos and a sexy one-shoulder top.

Helpful Hint:
-If you do buy a pair of cocktail shorts be sure to buy the correct length for your body type. The last thing i want to see when I'm walking down Monroe Center is a pair of butt cheeks hanging out of cocktail shorts. Classy is key ladies, remember that.

Safari Wear:

-I know what you're thinking, and no we will not look like crazy fools hunting wild game. Sporting safari wear this spring means wearing cute shrunken Khaki jackets. I'd also suggest wearing khaki dresses with wooden buttons and a belt to pull the whole look together.

Helpful Hints:

- Pair chunky gold accessories with khaki - it will look amazing.

-If you're wearing a shrunken khaki jacket thrown on a pair of little white shorts and platform sandals - you'll look killer.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my shoe and accessory report!