Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amy Winehouse Vomits on Designer Dresses...

Looks like our friend Amy Winehouse is being fined a hefty amount for vomiting all over the designer dresses she recently borrowed from posh department store Harvey Nichols.

Read the article below and prepare to be mortified.

Courtesy of Catwalk Queen -

"Apologies if you are eating right now, I really did um and ah over whether or not to post this story I read about Amy Winehouse today... honest I did!

Like I said, if you're currently enjoying your breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea, while thinking how wonderful the world is, then you may want to skip this item. The troubled crooner has done the unthinkable, then again, it is Wino - what hasn't she done? After borrowing £25,000 worth of designer dresses from Harvey Nichols ahead of London Fashion Week, the silly muppet then returned said frocks with vomit stains chucked in as a bonus. (Chucked - geddit?)"

As if Amy Winehouse hasn't embarrassed herself enough...


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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to understand why Amy is even considered a "star" or "celebrity". She hasn't accomplished anything of value in the music industry and has been nothing but a distraction and waste of a human being. Please, someone tell me why she is so special? No class. No style. No control (vomiting!). LOL