Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peirce Mattie's "Haute List"

Just when i thought i was pretty tuned into the fashion scene - our friends at Peirce Mattie Public Relations released their 2008-2008 "Haute list." The list features the top three fashion/lifestyle related brands in 16 different categories.

This list is intense folks.

In the words of Peirce Mattie PR and PR Couture: "Check to see if you are on the pulse with the following fashion related brands and mags and if not, start copy pasting into Google immediately!"

Due to the fact that I'm familiar with only ten of the uber cool fashion listings, i better get cracking. I think i smell a night of "fashion cramming" coming on.

See for yourself:

Indie Fashion & Beauty Magazines:
1. Visionaire
2. Metro.Pop

Foreign Beauty & Fashion Magazines:

1. Company (UK)
2. Jessica (Hong Kong)
3. Trendi (Finland)

TV Shows:

1. 90210
2. Kath & Kim
3. Gossip Girl

Women’s Apparel:

1. Topshop
2. Valentino under Alessandra Fachinetti
3. Rodarte

Men’s Apparel:
1. Pastelle
2. RMC Martin Ksohoh

Jewelry Brands:
1. John Hardy
2. Alexis Bittar
3. Trollbeads

Handbag Lines:

1. Rebecca Minkoff
2. Foley+Corinna
3. Timi & Leslie

Cosmetic Lines:

1. e.l.f.
2. Colorescience
3. Classified Cosmetics

Skin Care:
1. Korner
2. Lavera
3. Kaeline Argatherapie

Hair Care:

1. Re:nu by Joico
2. bain de terre
3. Intelligent Nutrients

Dermal Fillers:

1. Restylane
2. Evolence
3. Elevess

Nail Brands:
1. Butter LONDON
2. Dr. Remedy Nails
3. Borghese Nail Care


1. Mixed Martial Arts
2. Triathlon Training
3. Boxing

1. Bourbon
2. Martinis (Lychese, Pomegranate, Apple, etc.)
3. Mojito

Vacation Destinations:

1. Panama
2. Costa Rica
3. “Staycations” (finding hot spots close to home)

Social Media Sites on the Rise:
1. LinkedIn
2. Ning
3. Ustream

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