Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes Top Five!

Hi Friends,

Like most of you, i tuned in to the Golden Globes last night to see Brad and Angie making out at a table in the back, Rumer Willis as Miss Golden Globe (Stand up strait and don't hunch!) and last but most certainly not least, the amazing evening wear our billionaire besties were sporting as they cascaded down the red carpet

After countless hours (okay maybe minutes) of debating who would be crowned "best dressed" i decided on the following list:

2009 Golden Globes Top Five Best Dressed

5. So, i broke down and included a cocktail-ish ensemble on the list, but i had too! America Ferrera looked ultra-comfortable and very non-Ugly Betty in her Oscar De La Renta frock and matching clutch.

4. As always, Penelope Cruz looked breathtaking in a pale gold column dress crafted by Giorgio Armani Prive. Cruz floated along the red carpet smiling, waving to fans and looking as though she didn't have a care in the world. What's the happy glow all about? Who knows, but i'm sure we'll learn all about in the tabloids tomorrow.

3. Eva Mendes rocked her Dior white silk taffeta gown by contrasting chunky aqua green jewelry and showing off her gorgeously tan cuban skin. This dress almost made me forgive her for having an affair with Meg Ryan's husband in "The Women," but I'm still bitter (that's why she's number 3).

2. Not to go all "goth" on everyone, but i fell in love with Kate Winslet's black, belted Yves St. Laurent gown. You know what they say, black is the new size 2 - work it girl!

1. In a true "let them eat cake" moment Amy Adams rocked a glitzy gown that resembled an over-the-top, yet incredibly sexy wedding dress. The dark navy hue was perfectly contrasted with Adams deep red hair and creamy alabaster skin. I also enjoyed her sage green platinum jewelry - nicely done to Amy's stylist!

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