Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot or Not? Fur Bracelets

Ecstatic as always to see my weekly email sitting patiently in my inbox, i rushed home to pour myself a glass of vino and kick back for some good fashion reading. Halfway through the rundown i noticed a small brief touting a new trend about to hit the fashion radar for pre-fall.

I'll give you a hint, the trend is hairy, fluffy and detached from your outfit. Give up? It's an enormous fur bracelet (come on people!)

Now, I'm not sure how i feel about slapping a big furry bracelet around my wrist, all i can think about is unknowingly dipping my fabuloso bracelet in tapioca pudding during a lunch meeting. But, what do i know? I could be completely missing the point here.

Feel free to leave comments coaching me on how to successfully flash around the fur bracelet, i'm all ears! :)

--Style Junkie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I suppose my "HUH" thoughts were once thought when the furry scarf was invented BUT I'm with you - not a fan. It would be too hard to do anything with an animal on your wrist.

Anne V.