Monday, January 19, 2009

What will Mrs. O wear to the ball?

The question on everyone's mind as Barack Obama proudly accepts his post as our nation's 44th president is, "what will Michelle (a.k.a "Mrs. O) Obama wear to the Inauguration Ball?!"

Yes that's right friends, CNN may be focusing their news efforts towards the prospect of great change but news programs like Entertainment Tonight are solely focused on wardrobe (thank god).

Here's the latest update in two words: Narciso Rodriguez

Going back to her election day roots, Michelle has opted for sleek, warm Narciso ensembles on Sunday and today.

I'll be beaming myself to Washington D.C. tomorrow evening for the Inauguration Ball and will make sure everyone is fully aware of what Michelle Obama is wearing. Or, depending on the weather, i may just sit on my couch like every other American and blog about it all later.

I'll check in tomorrow.

-Style Junkie

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