Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Girls Like Fashion Too!

As you all know, I'm a big fan of celebrating the curvy woman. I make it a point to not issue style advice for the girls that bask in the size 0 category because it's just not realistic. No one is a size 0 that really matters in this world. I'm sure some stick thin model with half a brain could make a strong contrasting argument (or not) about the statement above but i'm not scurred. My curvy blogging girlfriends have my back.

Ladies, I give you (trumpets in the background)"Manolo for the Big Girl!" a blog dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and humor for the plus-size woman. It really is a brilliant idea. I mean, just because one has meat on their bones doesn't mean they don't like Saks, Neimans, Oscar or Gucci. Sure, they probably can't fit in to anything more than a knit top with 100% stretch fabric but gosh darn it every woman craves style and glamour! And if you don't your obviously mixed up.(Disclaimer: I probably can't fit in to anything but Gucci spandex either!)

Four lovely ladies hold down the online fort over at Manolo. First allow me to introduce Manolo the Shoe Blogger, she is the publisher. Co-editors Francesca and Plumcake along with weekend columnist Twistie keep readers on their toes with blog categories like "Fat and Famous," "The Fats in the Fire," "Stuart Wietzman Makes Em' Wider" and "This week in Fat Blogging." It really is riveting.

My personal favorite entry is "There's no shame in wearing patriarchal underwear," by Francesca. Don't let the funny name fool you, these ladies cover real issues in today's society that center around the over-weight population. This particular entry covers the do's and dont's for fat women attending a job interview. The question is - do you buy Spanx or let it all hang out? Or do you wear a fat person outfit and hope for the best? What if your future boss is a skinny bitch or a sexist, size 0 loving male pig? How do you take a stand and make yourself credible in the professional world?! See, i told you it was riveting!

For your own hearty helping visit manolobig.com!


Rachel said...

It's great to cover fashion in an inclusive way. Calling out size extremes on either side of the sizing spectrum as you've done with the quote that follows is doing all women a disservice. "No one is a size 0 that really matters in this world." Isn't that just as bad as saying, "no one is a size 20 that really matters in this world." Maybe I'm reading your statement wrong, but don't we all matter in this world - no matter what size we are? Just something to think about.

stylejunkie said...

Hi Rachel -

You know what, you're right. Sometimes i start writing and i go a little too far.

For the record: "Everyone matters in this world no matter what size they are!"

Most of what i say should be taken with a grain of salt. As you can tell, i write this blog with an attitude sort of like my alter ego.