Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Allow Me To Explain

I know what your thinking - what a bitch!

She left us hanging for more than a month? No calls, no emails and most importantly no blogs to satisfy our fashion and lifestyle needs.

Don't worry, I'm back. I admit, it was a bit shaky for a while. Work got crazy, my emotions were all over the place and then i hit a dry spot with my blogging and dang it i got frustrated. But - we're all good now! I am ready to fulfill all your needs in terms of fashion, lifestyle, and the occasional petty celebrity gossip.

Stay tuned for two glorious blogs! And thanks to all my fans (and by fans i mean the five people who actually read this blog) who encouraged me to keep blogging. You're the best!

--Style Junkie

1 comment:

T said...

Actually, you have 6. You forgot me. - Ty