Friday, July 25, 2008

My Dream Job

Seriously, I think I've found my calling.

Porter Novelli (huge global PR Firm) and their new fashion/lifestyle pop up agency - Jack+Bill have decided to turn the PR world upside down in a new PR experiment that involves a team of young executives, social media and a few LUCKY NYC dwellers.

Launched in early July, Jack+Bill is dedicated to identifying, branding and publicizing emerging fashion talent. The twenty-something team celebrated their grand opening by confidently announcing that they didn't actually have any clients on board and that they weren't going to be charging any clients brought on board for the first three months of service. What the $%&*?! this is insane right? No! It's brilliant. Here is the scoop:

Instead of using traditional business development techniques, Jack+Bill decided to provide free branding, buzz building, media relations and viral marketing services to one young model, stylist, women's apparel designer and jewelry designer from mid-July to early September. To really spice things up a bit the team decided to find these lucky peeps by holding a two-day casting call in NYC.

Check out to link to the agency's Facebook page, YouTube casting call videos (packed with celebs who have been supporting this experiment) and take a peek at the Jack+Bill blog.

So my next question is how do i possibly get in on the action? Social media, fashion and a group of motivated millenials - sound like my kind of a place.

Jack+Bill, I'm here to serve.


Val said...

What an AWESOME place to work! That has your name written all over it! Let me know if anything happens with that :)

P.S. What are you doing posting articles at 4:50 in the morning!?

stylejunkie said...

I know it sounds awesome! I really didn't post at 4:50 a.m. - I can't get my clock to work right on this site! I really posted yesterday around 7 a.m.!


stylejunkie said...

P.S. I've revised the Jack+Bill posting. I was in such a hurry yesterday when i posted that i forgot to look over the entry for grammar/spelling mistakes!