Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Mercedes-Benz of Fashion

That's right ladies, buckle up, IMG/Mercedes-Benz fall fashion week is here. Only five more nail-bitting days till 85 of the most to-die-for fashion houses unveil their 2008 autumn collections. Right now, as we speak, over 80 fashion houses are working around the clock to make their final stitch, thread their last bead and pin their last model; all in anticipation of the roughly 20-minute runway roundabout extravaganza.

For those of us that can't attend fashion week, I will make sure to provide a full critique of several different delicious collections. Mind you, the collection overview will only be focused on the designers that provide a realistic view of the modern woman and her fashion desires. Case n' point - if i see a model parading down the runway in a hat made of insects (ehm, Christian Lacroix) you can bet your Manolo's that they won't be featured on this blog (a tragedy, i know).

Meanwhile, I've posted a link to the full fashion week schedule:

Stay tuned to Style Junkie for all your fall fashion needs!

If anyone has any collection requests please let me know!


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