Monday, January 21, 2008

How To Be Glamourous - Rachel Zoe Style

Style A to Zoe - The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour was an overall intriguing read. I slowly worked my way through Rachel Zoe's self-described "glamour bible" making sure to make a fair decision on whether it was actually informative to someone who isn't a millionaire, and who doesn't name their best friend as Katie Holmes - you get the jist.

Zoe (pronounced like "oh") covers everything from how to accessorize correctly to jet-setting in style, and even directs you how to decorate your home (if you're a fabulous millionaire, of course). Much to my surprise, Zoe gives a good amount of advice that us "normal" girls can use. However, there is a fair amount of advice that i probably will not be using - such as: how to dress for my weekend trips to the Hampton's or what to bring in my bag for all those unexpected Europe vacations!(maybe someday...)

But, alas, I have to give Zoe credit. The woman has dressed everyone from the Backstreet Boys to teen queen Britney spears, not to mention our favorite rehab-er, Linday Lohan. To be honest, I can't deny my jealousy. The woman travels the world in the name of fashion and has become fabulously wealthy and well-connected because of it.

However, stardom always comes with a price. Just a few seasons after being unofficially recognized as the woman who single-handidly created the trend known as "boho-chic" (think Mary-Kate Olsen, yuck) Zoe was accused of turning her clients into scrawny, orange skinned, "Zoe-bots." Nicole Richie fired the styling guru last November claiming she needed to be surrounded by "positive people." Is it a coincidence that almost all of Zoe's young clients look like they live on a strict diet of Red Bull and Marlboro's? You decide.

In the meantime, listed below, are the most important take-aways from Zoe's manual - Enjoy!

Five Glamour Essentials Under $50
- Red Lipstick
-Black eyeliner
-Great heels
- Faux fur shrug (not sure this is top on my list...)
- Metallic clutch (Love it!)

Zoe's Red Carpet Must-Haves (Just in-case i have a movie premier tomorrow)
-Classic black dress
-Nude or black patent pumps
-Perfect red lipstick
-Fishnets and black tights
-An all-season wrap or shrug

Day-Off Essentials (Basically a "weekend wear" guide)
-A great fitting pair of jeans (dark)
-A roomy jersey or cashmere constructed top
-A wrap or shift dress in cotton, jersey, or another Knit
-A tote, hobo bag or anything roomy
-Lip gloss
-Rosy cheek tint
-An all season wrap (does anyone recognize a pattern here?)
-Sunglasses (or as Rachel calls them "Sunnies!" - barf)
-Glam-on-the-go footwear (flats, boots, or wedges)


Anonymous said...

What is ur problem? Why do you sound so bitchy and pessimistic? Well, congratulations! Now everyone knows how jealous and immature you are. (Well, not everyone.Hardly any1 ever reads your page. That's why you don't have any comments)

Anonymous said...

Talk about Pot, kettle, black! who sounds bitchy now????