Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The New Black

To those of you who live in Michigan, be sure to check out Grand Rapids Press reporter Tricia Woolfenden's blog "The New Black." The blog is amazing and (gasp!) updated everyday, covering very important issues such as celebrity gossip, fashion, fashion and more fashion, basically everything and anything fabulous.

Tricia was nice enough to feature yours truly in her blog and Tuesday column this week.

I've posted the blog link below.

"Local Fashionista Learns From The Best"

P.S. Tricia will be featuring a fashion panel on her blog throughout fashion week (Feb 1-8). The panel will be weighing in on all the NYC fashion week craziness and examining the different trends coming off the runway. Again, Tricia has been nice enough to include me as a guest panelist. Check it out! You won't be sorry!


Valerie said...

Wow Lynsey! What a great entry about you in her blog. How exciting! I'll have to follow up to read what you have to say on her panel.

Keep me posted on how the rest of your life is going!


Kate said...

You're a celebrity! Looking forward to reading your fashion week reviews.

PS. Hi Val!

stylejunkie said...

Thanks Guys!


More to come...

Val said...

Hi Kate!

T said...

WTG Lynsey!

Do you help men?

I need serious help.