Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PR is the New Rock n' Roll

This just in from the Bryant Park Tents: The Hills girls, Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port are officially employed by the super swank L.A. /NYC fashion PR firm, "People's Revolution."

According to New York Magazine, the girls have already been spotted working hard (or hardly working) at a number of different fashion shows with, you guessed it, multiple cameras in tow.

Personally, I was shocked to hear the news. I mean, come on now, Divas? Working entry-level jobs? At a PR firm no less? Let's just say I have a tad bit of experience in entry-level PR and it's not all spa treatments and hair extensions.

So, I decided to do some research on this mysterious firm that deems itself the "People's Revolution," turns out the firm is the definition of the future of fashion public relations. Furthermore, the president, Kelly Cutrone, is a self-promotion genius, for obvious reasons:

A. Employs two of the hottest fashionistas on the L.A. /NYC scene in which both girls are practically a walking billboard for the firm.

B. Is featured on the hit MTV reality show, The Hills. Again, think walking billboard.

Visit the link below to read a recent interview with Cutrone.


She describes fashion as the "new rock n' roll," and the brilliant designs of Andrew Buckler as if "Diesel and Paul Smith F*cked and had a kid." I couldn't have said it better myself, I think I may have found a new hero.

So in closing, I would like to thank Kelly Cutrone for being everything I aspire to be and more, and also The Hills, for throwing their little celebuatants into the crazy world of PR. If nothing else it will make all of the young PR people out there have a few entry-level laughs. Hey who knows, it may even give some well deserved credit to the profession.

Here's to the next "new rock n' roll" - Public relations.

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