Friday, February 15, 2008

GR Press Fashion Fanatics - Part Three

Click the link below to view the Style Squad's third and final fashion commentary blog post.

GR Press Style Squad

To all of our dedicated fans - don't worry! The Style Squad will be back just in time to lend some much-needed advice to all the disastrously dressed celebs parading up and down the Oscar red-carpet. Until then, tune in to Tricia Woolfenden's blog,”The New Black.”

On a random side note - The plaid reindeer get-up shown above galloped down the House of Holland runway during London Fashion Week. To put it lightly, I almost had a stroke.

I'd love to hear your comments...


ms. b said...

It is outfits like these that make regular people fear and loathe fashion!!

-Your fellow style squad pal,

stylejunkie said...

How is House of Holland even on the radar?


Good to hear from you Amy!!


Val said...

Dear StyleJunkie,

Spring is near and I don't want to be a walking fashion crime.

Therefore, I am requesting a "what's hot to wear" post for this spring so I won't be thrown in the fashion slammer.


Your Sports-lovin', Eastside Amiga

Anonymous said...

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