Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hey everyone!

Interesting new fashion web site that only encourages fashion addicts like myself by providing members with real-time updates of who's buying what and where in the "hive." It's all kind of confusing at first so let me break it down for you:

1. Join Stylehive.com

2. Research other hivers that have the same style as you do and shop their hive!(each member has links to their must-have clothing essentials!)

3.To be a fellow hiver you must also research fancy frocks that fit your style regimen and bookmark the clothing web site so your Stylehive friends can cash in on your finds.

4. Create a fashion diary and connect with other fashion obsessed members! We always love new fashion friends!

5. Add big-name retailers to your hive and be the first to review "just-in" looks.

6. Have fun! I just became of a member of Stylehive and I've really enjoyed perusing the site and gawking at the millions of rockin' handbags, shoes, jeans, blouses, and dresses.

P.S. When creating a user name on that site the word "bee" needs to be at the end of your screen name and i didn't know that so my user name is "lynsey03" - If anyone from Stylehive reads this post please contact me and let me know how to change my user name so I'm not viewed as the resident "stylehive dork." - Thanks!


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