Friday, November 14, 2008

Go Perez - It's Ya Birthday....

Perez Hilton's a star?

Yes that's right my fellow bloggers, our favorite online diva Perez Hilton is paving the way for starving writers everywhere! Levi's is now endorsing Perez and credit his rising celebrity status to striking "individuality" - I'm weird, can i get an endorsement deal? Seriously you don't even have to pay me, just place unmarked packages of Levi's boot cut jeans at my doorstep (size 4) Thanks!

Follow this link to get a first-hand look at Perez Hilton's new Levis Mini-Site:

On another note, The Bare Skinny blog is quickly becoming my new love. Check out their newest post "Fashion Cues From Audrey Hepburn." The writers shows you how to transform your look to be more Audrey Hepurn-esque (sign me up!).

Enjoy your weekend reading friends! :)

P.S. I'm on team Perez!

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